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    Celtics / Lakers

    I know it's too early and I don't mean any disrespect to either Denver or Miami, but wouldn't another Celtic/Laker final be great!
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    Season - It’s on

    Uconn football has been bad for a long time and has cost the university a lot of money. It's pretty rare when a top high school player from Connecticut chooses Uconn. Hopefully, they will decide to either drop football or down grade. The only time it made any sense at all was when they played...
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    Patriots and Tom Brady

    One week into the season and it looks like the Patriots did the right thing. Obviously, things could change as the season progresses. Cam Newton was excellent and Brady was so-so. Personally, I think Tom Brady is just getting old and, although it is hard, it was time for the Pats to move on...
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    Baseball Blahs

    I hated seeing them let Brock Holt go too. He loved the team and the city was a very valuable bench guy.
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    Anyone Ever Attend a UConn BB True Road Game

    Wow! I was at that game too. I drove up from San Diego with a friend. It was a closer game than it should have been. As I recall Rudy Gay was on that team. Small world.
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    Celebs both well known and obscure that you have more than just met

    I once shook hands with Gene Autry and later in life was introduced to Orville RIdenbacher. I was hoping he would give me some popcorn but he didn't.
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    OT: Who is/was your most famous/successful blood relative?

    My father-in-law was the only enlisted CB to spend his time as a pilot in WWII. In desperation, the CO of his unit asked if anyone knew how to fly, He had flown off a neighbors farm in Mystic before enlisting. He volunteered and received the air medal for his efforts. Not to be out-done, I...
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    Baseball Blahs

    I am rapidly becoming a non-fan of baseball. I am disgusted with what used to be my team - The Boston Red Sox. I used to watch and record all their games. I used to follow closely the progress of their minor leaguers. Now I am bored by it all. Is it COVID 19 or is it me? My wife says that...
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    OT: Yankees/Red Sox baseball

    I think you have to include Tyrus Raymond Cobb.
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    Toby Kimball

    That's a tough one. Maybe Kevin Freeman, Jeff Adrien???
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    The Old Field House

    I went to that slowdown game against URI. As I recall, URI was heavily favored because we lost two starters and a top reserve just prior to the game. I think it was academic issues. Uconn was leading something like 10-8 at halftime and went on to win by about 5. They had to give Melody...
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    The Old Field House

    Great place to watch a basketball game. Created its own excitment.
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    Electric or Gas Power Washer

    I have a Troy Bilt 2800 gas model and it works great. It has a rotating head so you can pretty much set the pressure for whatever you want. There is a setting for applying the soap and the highest setting will cut a carrot in half. There is a can of Sta Bil pump lubricant that I would also...
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    What do you put on your hot dogs? (Poll)

    You may want to try Kosciusko mustard. My favorite on a Hummels hot dog.
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    Best hot dogs

    I'll pray for you.;)