NY Yankees 2019


surf's up
Nov 9, 2018
one of the oddest things of this life is the inability of many to enjoy the 'good thing' while it's happening. 'good thing' being a product of reasonable judgement. it's mid august, and the bombers are like 80-40. last year, they won 100 games. seems consistent, no? some time ago, bullpens became a 'thing' and now we have 'openers' as a regular strategy. the yankees have had a dominant pen for years, and absolutely not one other team wants to pitch to our line-up with most of our assassins in there. if fully healthy, then I can't recall a similar offense ever. if we win the series, the historical record will simply say 'of course.'
arms, legs, feet, who cares? chicken little is just another way of saying 'more KFC, please. extra crispy.'