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  • Then off campus. Went to Hamden HS.
    I was in HS in Meriden until '77. Never went to UConn although was there often for 77-79 as my gal was on the volleyball team and I was often up there.
    who exactly is your blonde avatar????
    I never saw this John - sorry. And the truth is I have no fn clue but certainly wish I did - LOL - Take care Happy 2015
    Yo bro! I am back! Nice avatar! Who is around from the old days buddy? Going to catch up to fishy, see what happened to Tom, find out what happened to Joyce, anybody hear from Ken recently? Steve? So darn good to see you again! Chuck
    Some good posts on the yard regarding KO and his sidelines demeanor (OR LACK THERE OF)! The whole thing QUITE FRANKLY ( MISS JC) is becoming nauseating! I have now banned myself from the yard until March 1 due to my belief the Huskies would show some heart and WIN! What do I do now??? !!!! LOL

    Daniels is KILLING me with his SOFTNESS! OMG OMG!!
    Happy New Year bro! Wishing you the best of health and continued prosperity in 2014! Thoughts are with you.

    PS...Can you throw a water balloon at Fleudy for agreeing with a poster that Boat defends screens well (heck even Ollie said he didn't)? :) LOL
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