Memphis Postgame Thread

Feb 22, 2016
Never ever have seen him lose it like that.
I remember thinking in the Baylor game that it was out of character when he slammed his hands on the scorer's table at end of 3Q. Now the water bottle ... not accustomed to seeing this from him.
Nov 10, 2019
UConn had the same number of turnovers & assists!! Most teams dont win with that stat. It just sums up the state of the offense. We have no floor general. No one on offense is sure what to do. So we resort to throwing up 3's and 1-on-1's with the clock running down. No flow & no easy baskets. Cant win like this & Geno knows it.


Wasn’t Me!
Mar 28, 2015
Hope Kathy reminds him to regain his bearing and exemplify some grace when a young woman still learning her craft, working to build her confidence and skill interviews him at the end of a game.

She isn’t one of his players and did not deserve that dismissive ending.

His anger aside he is a HOF coach been at this a long time I expect better from him at this point in his career.

Bet you Megan tells him how classless his display was towards her colleague.

My wife would be in his face up to his eyeballs for that stunt.

can’t wait till the postgame.
Aug 30, 2011
On the positive side:
  1. The second half was very different from the first half. UConn shot 50% in the second half, and I believe Memphis was below 30%. On the scoreboard, the second half was a 33-23 win for UConn. As Geno pointed out, it's not bad defense to hold Memphis to 23 points in a half on their own court. UConn handled the end-of-game (last 4 minutes) very well, with the exception of Megan allowing the steal where the Memphis player missed the layup.
  2. Crystal was superb throughout the game, and Christyn was excellent except for her foul trouble. When she was on the court, she was an offensive force.
  3. One bright spot from the very forgettable first half was Molly Bent's play. She only played 3 or 4 minutes, but they were great. It was a necessary contribution because of Christyn's foul trouble.
  4. The UConn stats for the game were not bad at all. UConn shot 46% for the game, including 32% from 3-point range. (But 25 of 56 shots were 3-point attempts, which is too high a share of 3's.) UConn got 11 offensive rebounds on 30 missed shots, which is a very respectable recovery percentage of one's own misses. UConn only had 13 turnovers, even though it probably seemed as if they had twice that number.
A lot of people in this thread saw offensive deficiencies as the main problem. I think it was the defense in the first half (all those layups) that were the real problem, and that was corrected in the second half. Geno said that the team just settled for jump shots rather than moving the ball, which is true. Nonetheless, first half defense was the team's biggest shortcoming tonight.
Nov 18, 2018
Not excusing anything but keep in mind his recent health issue. That alone could be wearing on him.


Who put the Bop in the Bop Shoo Bop?
Oct 5, 2015
Question: since its been difficult for Geno to get this year's team to run the offensive, would he consider a new scheme? Like this year's one on one ability but that alone won't win any tournaments.
Most or many coaches adjust their system to fit the talents of their players. Geno recruits players and attempts to make them fit his system. It worked for many years but, with the players he has been getting, it seems to be hard for them to absorb. You see a number of freshmen on teams who are not as talented as UConn's freshmen, who are starting, playing well and contributing more than UConn's freshmen. I believe If Makurat and Griffin were on other teams they would probably be playing more. Now, they may not end up as complete players as Griffin and Makurat will be but they are playing more as freshmen. Yes, I know Geno will not change something he has been doing throughout his career and probably should not. Today's players are a different breed from those of the past.