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  • Eric
    I am a UCONN fan and this is home home board.
    I have posted a few times on the UTENN board; i remember when Kara was cut from the USA squad; I had been to the Hartford try-out and offered sympathy
    The mistake I made in this last post was suggesting that we should get off her back a no-no.

    msf2/Michael Feldman
    Eric I spend an obsesive amount of time lol figuring out future needs recruiting,lineups For 2013 when I look at our players returning in 2013 I keep wondering
    whether Diamond and or Taya wonder about playing time. Do you have thoughts on that? If you want to have a conversation on this or other issues let me know!
    Peace Ira
    I see you are looking at the Maryland thread--their roster is pretty good. And next year's class is good too.
    Eric thanks for props:) We should get a chat going before the game! You may have noticed lol,that last night I thought it was Sunday and looking for the game lol
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