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  • Nan, I've tried to post an avatar to accompany my name but it is rejected as being an unrecognizable image. It's a pen and ink drawing of an historical figure that I copied to my documents from a text. Do you have a suggestion on how I might be able to get this image posted? Thanks.
    Hi Nan. Is there any way I could have my post about the shooting range deleted? I don't want anyone in my town to be able to find this and show what I am working on. Thank you!
    Nan, your avatars are always pretty good, I love this one. Very random and kitschy.
    I like women that are their own people and who might even, on occasion, kick ass :)
    I noticed that a post of mine in the thread about the "curtain of distraction" has been flagged for review before being posted. I'd like to know why so I can avoid doing whatever it was that has raised concern. Thanks.
    It's March 16, 2015 in mid-afternoon and we haven't seen your informative News for three [?] days. Are you on the DL [hope not] or vacation? I treasure your links and comments and confess missing your presence. Charles T
    Mrs. Nan, please delete the thread I created on the Conference Realignment board titled 'Where do you see UConn in ten years? And why?' It is redundant. I was unaware that topic had already been covered by another thread. Thank you very much.
    Nan, in the Tori McCoy Interview thread, I want to delete the first post (it's unnecessary), but I cannot. Would you please do that if possible? Thanks
    Hi. For the life of me, I cannot get a photo into the picture box though Boneyarders have tried to help me. Bishop Sheen messaged that you might be able to help me. I'm tiring of the arrow thing. Thanks for any assistance. Michael
    Nan, from reading the boards I get you live in the Cheshire area. I do too. I have four tickets and a blue pass that I can't use or give away. If your interested pm me. I will offer them on the board otherwise. Thanks.
    Nan - Sometime in the next few months, I will have a novel coming out. It is not self-published, but through a mainstream publisher. I would like to do an OT post about it when the book becomes available if it's ok by board policy. The story drawn from my years as a foster father, relates to the trials of abused kids and foster relationships. Thanks.
    Huskynan....How can a member ask a question of another member....or can you do it for me.....I wonder if ConnPepper could reload the site to see this years playoff games??I have viewed menu over and over. but today went to Pg.6 and ncaa games on the net ...only to find the site empty...would really like to view some of the games again...Retired with nothin to do...Could he reload the site??.Bob Lindh,Western Pa.
    Easttexastrash is posting Diamond is a lesbian. Please take those posts and replies down. They are horrible accusations to make about a kid.
    Wanted to give you a heads up to avoid any unnecessary crazy posts.. Some on The Summitt board thought it would be funny to start posting titles that are not true like Durr is down to 3 schools and UConn is not one of them. They want to get the posters here that cannot view their posts all wound up. I didn't want to post anything, I figured it would be best to make you aware if you weren't already. Thanks!
    Nan,Please remove my membership/name etc from the forum,thanks Robert Lindh...Western Pa
    Hi Nan. Would it be possible to pin the Jazz Memorial thread on the football board. We'd really like to keep the momentum going to get this done!
    My ex-wife is a professional artist who does a lot of "whimsey" paintings who is a big UConn WCBB fan. After the Championship win, she did one of her paintings like the photo of Stewie, KML and Stef in their silly glasses. She could have some prints made of this for other UConn fans.

    Please check your email for more details.
    Why am I restricted on posting? I only have a few minutes a day between surgeries to read the Boneyard and I cannot post back to back..WHY??

    Thank you for your help

    Nan: It amazes me that you have time to do the work you do in "The Boneyard". Daily updates and being an administrator and all. You must not have any kids at home. Great job!
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