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    In Memory of My Loving Father, 'Dogbreath2U'

    Hello all, I am in writing this in respect to my beloved father, Thomas M. McAuliffe, known here as Dogbreath2U, who passed away this past Friday night at the age of 62. My father was born in Kansas City, Missouri and grew up in the nearby charming suburb of Overland Park, Kansas...
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    David Onuorah commits to uconn

    Glad to see the Huskies add some depth and some options. Let the big guys we now have fight it out for time on the floor. I hope it's Cobb to start the year (and finish the year if he shows significant progression)! But maybe Onuorah will bring a real interior presence for a year. Just read...
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    Jalen Carey

    both look like they would be absolutely great additions. They would obviously be very complementary players.
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    Adams has a new Number

    The Conehead Conspiracy Kitty is looking to become the new #1. Yes, Conspiracy Kitty does have enemies and they are coming to get him/her.
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    Lugentz Dort

    That would be a great duo to add. Iggy looks really good to me and Shittu looks like a powerful and skilled PF.
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    Nahziah Carter

    How good is this kid really? The Jay-Z connection could evaporate quickly if the nephew is not successful within the first year.
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    VR Headset

    And you know this how? Hmmmmm???? The avatar that kobe has is rather alarming. And if I can separate myself from the Husky downturn, I would see that the little freakin' leprechaun has done pretty damn well.
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    Italian point guard visiting

    I believe that is "Father" Guido Sarducci, although I could be mistaken. And if so, I expect he is ours.
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    Vance Jackson update

    That would be an interesting situation. I doubt that KO would have him back at this point. Time to just move forward as the damage has been done (to all concerned, it would seem).
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    Caron Butler Highlights

    One of the all-time greatest plays by a Husky, IMHO. Perfect!
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    Italian point guard visiting

    Something is wrong here. He was reported to have made 61 out of 162 3's (38%), but shot 100% on the video. Is this fake news? Nice pure shooter. Listed at 6'3", but also listed at 1.88 meters = 6'1". Slender, may have trouble with stronger defenders. Nice floater and pretty good...
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    Caron Butler Highlights

    I just had a great idea. Let's get another one like him.
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    Christian Vital(Unfinished Business)

    Perhaps we are a little desperate to find a diamond in all the rough.
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    Mario Kegler

    Anyone heard him say why he is transferring?
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    We will be a top 25 team next year - Lock it in

    I noticed that he needed some work to get comfortable being the guy who flashed to the foul-line against zone defenses. He would catch the ball and turn to look to pass inside, but would often rush in his deciding what to do. I would love to see him find a way to slow down the game and become...
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