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    Who is #5 in the Pac 12?

    I'm wondering that too. Just as a guess, I think if it's already known tonight that Utah can't play Wednesday, the teams below Utah will move up a seed. Then the #5 will get a bye into round 2, as there will be no #12. On the other hand, if Utah thinks they may be able to play, but they end...
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    Which top seniors will return for the 21-22 season?

    At Senior Day today, Tara said she would like all three seniors to return and she's ordered their jerseys for next year. Fan thinking on the Cardboard is that none of them are really likely to come back, though. Alyssa Jerome doesn't play a lot, Kiana Williams is projected at least by some as a...
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    Week 14 games (Feb. 22-28)

    Nice results for Lindy LaRocque in her first year!
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    Southern California @ #10 UCLA - 2/26/21

    USC has a nice arena for WBB. I sat in a comfy seat there for some games once when the Pac-12 men and women both played their season tournament in LA. Some games were at Staples Center and some at USC, which are walking distance apart. But indeed if you were a USC WBB fan, you'd be a rarity.
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    Week 14 games (Feb. 22-28)

    Pedantic rant: The famous line from Shakespeare is "Wherefore art thou Romeo?" The word "wherefore" is not an old fashioned synonym for "where"; it actually means "for what reason" or simply "why". Juliet is not calling out to Romeo to ask where he is. She is meditating on why the mere names...
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    Which top seniors will return for the 21-22 season?

    For Stanford, Tara said in a recent video (sorry, I forgot which one) that she'd like Kiana Williams to come back. I don't know how likely that is to actually happen.
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    Week 14 games (Feb. 22-28)

    The article says Kyle Pedersen. The former Stanford WBB great was Kayla Pedersen. From wikipedia it seems Kyle is Kayla's younger brother.
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    #9 Arizona @ #4 Stanford - 2/22/21

    I will mark your words for sure. I would never mock them.
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    Who is #5 in the Pac 12?

    OSU only played Stanford once.
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    National Coach of the Year

    No love for Tara bringing her team through the longest road trip ever?
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    Week 13 games (Feb. 15-21)

    I remember Cal was desperately in need of healthy guards. They picked up an early HS grad Mia Mastrov recently, and I see she scored 12 points against ASU.
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    Who is #5 in the Pac 12?

    Stanford is short one game against Oregon State. They made up the only other Pac-12 game they had postponed (namely WSU).
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    #13 Oregon @ #8 UCLA - 2/19/21

    It's even tougher to compare conferences this year than most because the pandemic led to a lot fewer interconference games being scheduled than normal. Pac-12 especially limited their travel distances and thus didn't play much if at all outside the western states.
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    WNBA News

    Salary dump to get under the cap? Makes no sense to me otherwise.
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    #6 Stanford @ #13 Oregon - 2/15/21

    Prechtel was out this game on concussion protocol. She could have gotten some minutes.
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