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Recent content by andy34

  1. andy34

    Tyrese Martin Appreciation

    Hear hear! Martin has been a true Husky, someone who you just know is going to fight like hell every second he's on the court. That stretch in the Michigan State game where he physically and emotionally dominated the other team while clearly being hurt was something to behold. His game isn't...
  2. andy34

    So much to like about Sanogo's skillset and game

    Very interesting comparison...
  3. andy34

    DePaul defeats Coppin State by 25

    Holy hell. That is beyond brutal. How anyone can look at this stretch and the fact that most of these are buy games explicitly funding their athletic department and not think players should be paid is beyond me.
  4. andy34


    Yep, even accounting for pace and quality of board, he's arguably the best rebounder of the modern game. It's truly wild - FiveThirtyEight did a great piece on him 2 years ago: Andre Drummond Is The Real Board Man
  5. andy34

    2023 Recruiting Stephon Castle

    Absolutely - there's never any guarantees with recruiting, and who knows what will happen with this kid. But the bottom line is no one can second guess the thought and effort this staff is putting into this, and can't ask for much more than that. It has and will continue to yield results - let's...
  6. andy34

    Best 3-point shooters of all time (excluding Ray Allen)

    In terms of clutchness, difficulty, and overall percentage, I think Shabazz barely edges out Ben and Rashad. Rashad absolutely hit tons of huge shots. But more than Bazz? I'm not so sure! Ben's % and production is stellar, but Shabazz had so much less talent around him, shot almost exclusively...
  7. andy34

    Poll: Who's watching First night?

    I have an extremely hard time imagining that recruits won't be allowed. It's been part of Dan's recruitment strategy over the years, and it only adds a handful of people. Usually, we hear about some guests a day or two out. Hopefully we have an answer today.
  8. andy34

    Eyeballs On Practice

    This summer I took my son to campus just to walk around. We went up to the new facility and some guy on his way in just held the door open for us. The women's team was in the middle of a practice at the time. It's probably more secure during the school year lol.
  9. andy34

    Bouknight Preseason Debut

    Charlotte @ Oklahoma City in 20 minutes. The preseason is still a place where coaches are gonna test out a lot of different lineups, but James should get plenty of run. Can't wait to see him out there!
  10. andy34

    2023 Recruiting SF Matas Buzelis

    I know what you're saying, but even during the Ollie years, we going up against the big names for high-end recruits. The problem was we didn't have any shot with them whatsoever, and ended up settling for scraps. That's obviously no longer the case. I hope we don't back off just because there's...
  11. andy34

    2023 Recruiting Taylor Bol Bowen

    Borges' recent article upcoming MBB dates mentioned First Night, and I can't wait to see if the staff can get TBB there.
  12. andy34

    Anyone here ever purchase part of a cow, pig, etc?

    We did it frequently when I was a kid. We had 2 chest freezers and a family of 5 so things got eaten. If you don't have plenty of storage and at least a few hungry mouths, might not be worth the effort.
  13. andy34

    Corey Floyd Has Arrived

    Gray is super boring, I agree. I need to see the black in action.
  14. andy34

    21-22 Projected Opponent Quad Rankings

    Heat Check also put out their preliminary bracket for next year. We're a 6 seed, and they have 6 Big East teams in the field including in no particular order: St. John's (8), Butler (11), Seton Hall (11, play in), Xavier (10), Villanova (2). A few scattered thoughts: We're solidly now seen as...
  15. andy34

    Bouk vs. Jalen, 7 pm

    Charlotte vs. Toronto tonight, 7 pm. I'm sure they'll share the floor at least occasionally. They missed playing here together by only 1 year, but feels like they are from totally different eras so it seems like a much greater separation. (Game airs on ESPN3, FYI)
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