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    DiMauro: “The ‘new’ Big East: Is that all there is?“

    Lots wrong with your post but I feel like I should point out that if college players have to play for 2 years (even though there's no reason to believe this rule will change) then the Dukes and UNCs could only bring in half as many top recruits any given year, and those kids would then go to...
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    Leading Scorer Next Season ?

    I wouldn't be worried at all if Cole is our leading scorer. Can easily see him averaging 15 or 16 points, with a number of other guys in the lower double digits (Sanogo, Martin, Hawkins). Ultimately I think we'll have a more balanced attack next season. Obviously I'd take Bouk back in a...
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    Borges says Bouk is gone

    When Woj tweets it, you know it's official
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    Please Be Careful

    Great point - not all vaccines are similar or have similar pathways from concept to viability. This article came out last month, but I thought it did a great job explaining how mRNA vaccines have been developed, and how they have been able to significantly shorten the amount of time required...
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    Will there be basketball rule changes in the future?

    You must have been so mad when they took down the peach baskets
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    Will there be basketball rule changes in the future?

    Care to explain what you mean by "trash like Ginobili?"
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    Will there be basketball rule changes in the future?

    I have no problem making flopping a technical foul. However the issue with carries is, since today's players are so SO much quicker and more athletic than they were when the rules were written, "carries" happen every possession. You do realize that Kemba wouldn't be an NBA player if they...
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    SI Roundtable: UConn the higher seed most likely to make the F4 In response to "Which 7 seed or lower is the best bet to make the Final Four?" 3 of the 5 SI writers picked UConn.
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    Sanogo- Whoa!

    It's over 7'.
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    Sanogo- Whoa!

    Sanogo is such an interesting player. He's shown so much improvement and skill in just his first year. And yet for everyone saying he's a future lotto pick... I don't know about that. Not doubting his ability or skill, but I wonder if teams think he is quick enough to defend the 4, or big and...
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    Bouk #10 Vecenie's Draft Big Board

    I meant to post this the other day but forgot: Jeremy Woo @ SI has Bouk up to #6 in his latest mock draft.
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    2021 McD's All Star list revealed: no good guys

    Aminu Mohammed is going to the Hoyas. Don't think there's anyone else on the list.
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    Sanogo: Big East Freshman of the week

    Exactly, his D went from a minus to a plus the last few games. Sanogo's basic skillset is obviously great, but the speed at which he improves is really exciting.
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    Not getting the most out of them

    Not sure "scared" is the right word, but you're totally right in that PC's kind of "soft press" isn't necessarily meant to generate tons of quick turnovers, but its meant to eat up clock and make it hard for the opposing PGs to initiate offensive plays. And since we already have a bewilderingly...
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    Drummond to the Nets?

    I read this earlier this morning: Report: It's 'a matter of time' until Andre Drummond secures a buyout and joins the Brooklyn Nets

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