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    What are you most excited to see during tomorrow’s game?

    I want to see Bouk to drop a 30 piece
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    Tom Westerholm 2021 Draft board

    I don't read this as saying he failed to be a facilitator last year. It means they want to see the ability to distribute and make the extra pass when needed. Can he be a playmaker or is he just a scorer?
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    2023 Recruiting  Ray Allen III (No UConn Offer Yet)

    3 years before he plays a second of college basketball. Let's just allow this to play out lol
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    NCAA Tournament Single Site

    I honestly don't understand why you're being so whiny about it. There's close to nothing - besides not spreading the disease ourselves - that any of us can do individually to impact the format of the upcoming season. No s*** its far from what we're used to. No one thinks otherwise.
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    Pitino: May Madness

    I haven't read up on the Moderna news yet, but the recent announcement by Pfizer was a glorified press release. Test group less than 100 (about 90 people I believe). Not peer reviewed (yet). Hope it works, obviously!! And I hope we can figure out how to distribute widely a vaccine that needs to...
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    2021 Recruiting: Chet Holmgren

    Highlights from last night: Wow.
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    They're too skilled, too deep, and too exciting. And they'll win too many games
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    Whaley open to coming back?

    I am pretty sure I read that any players sticking around for an extra year would not count against scholarship limits. Not sure about roster size limits though. And obviously the schools would still need to fund the scholarships.
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    Bouknight Highlights

    I was looking around for some news & analysis of today's media day, and saw this from an NBA Draft analyst: The highlight vid he links to is awesome too, nothing we haven't seen before but really sums up James' many strengths nicely: James Bouknight | UConn Huskies
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    Dodgers Justin Turner

    Its not like they're hiding the fact that the Dodgers won, analysis of their victory is all over the ESPN homepage. Are you suggesting that a star player getting pulled in the middle of the deciding World Series game for testing positive for a highly contagious disease isn't a huge story? The...
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    Busting Brackets Top 25 Frontcourts and Backcourts

    Just based on everything else I've read and seen, this absolutely tracks. If true, what an unbelievable statement about Whaley.
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    OT: 5G Network?

    This was exactly my logic too. I have an 8, but its physically breaking down. Just FYI, both the 12 and the 12 Pro have 5G capabilities.
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    OT: 5G Network?

    I don't have 5G (though I'm picking up my preordered iPhone on Friday) but from everything I've read, 5G provides a negligible improvement unless you live in San Francisco or the few other cities where millimeter wave 5G has been deployed. My phone is more than 3 years old and starting to break...
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    I think it's tongue in cheek