The Official 2019 Mets Thread

Aug 24, 2011
I had no idea what to make of BVW when they hired him and have to say, I'm impressed with every move he's made...including not just throwing 300m at Machado or Harper to make a splash.

The bullpen looks to be lights out.
The rotation, if healthy, can be top 3 in the NL - I wouldn't mind adding someone like Keuchel.
Ramos could be a steal at C. Looks like he has all the tools plus a no BS attitude.
The IF finally has depth and lots of options (and one of them isn't Jose Reyes finally).
The OF lacks power, but could be serviceable and defensively decent.
Peter Alonso is a wild card. The guy just hits the sht out of the ball. If he's for real, that's a huge power lift.
Up to the manager now. The front office filled most of the holes, provided Callaway has to prove himself.