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    UConn Nike KD13

    Kawhi after seeing those
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    Fan Cutouts

    I'll be looking for Oklahoma Ed lol.
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    Dodgers Justin Turner

    There is a direct correlation between mortality rate and viral load as well. If one brief encounter may have gotten someone sick, a series of encounters would contribute to higher viral loads. Higher viral loads are associated with worse outcomes especially with covid.
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    OT: Mechanical Keyboards

    The IBM model M's were a beauty. I haven't looked into getting a mechanical keyboard yet but are the Das ones similar in feedback and sound?
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    OT: Refinancing: Worth It?

    I started on Sept 10th and was just funded yesterday. Honestly I dragged my feet for a few tasks which would have knocked a few days off of this.
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    OT: Refinancing: Worth It?

    I put down a little over 3k for that rate.
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    OT: Refinancing: Worth It?

    Thank you for this. I also just closed at last week. I went from a 4.5% 30yr to a 2.18% 15yr. I locked in about 2 weeks ago or so.
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    OT: Work From Home

    Essential worker. Apart from a few weeks, I've been going to the office - a disaster recovery center. Management thought it would be wise to split up the essential teams up so if one person gets sick, they don't infect the people around them. If anyone is at a higher risk, they have the...
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    RIP John Thompson

    Yes. Apparently.
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    RIP John Thompson

    Yes. There are reports of killer asteroids coming our way and Harry Stamper is nowhere to be found.
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    RIP John Thompson

    RIP Coach T. 2020 is absolutely brutal. We've got 3 more months left. Stay safe everyone!
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    Sad news - Cliff Robinson has passed away

    RIP Uncle Cliffy. It feels as if a piece of my childhood had been taken away. Just sad with Sticks and now Cliffy. Thoughts and prayers for his close friends and family and we mourn together as a member of UConn Nation.