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Recent content by Ts5034

  1. Ts5034

    Why isn’t Diggins playing?

    That’s been the $1,000,000 question…
  2. Ts5034

    Chief’s Briefs - MES Edition

    IIRC, we had a long gap leading up to the Creighton game because of Covid. We were supposed to play NC State at Mohegan, but that game was called off. I think by the time we played Creighton, we were off for over 2 weeks.
  3. Ts5034


    I thought It was strange and probably feels more like a road game traveling the day before a game and spending the night in a hotel. But, I guess it’s more important keeping the guys together and away from any distractions the night before a game.
  4. Ts5034


    Pretty sure…I actually read about that in Jim Calhoun’s book. I was surprised because I never knew that. Maybe things have changed, but I guess It makes sense, especially for those games that start at noon.
  5. Ts5034


    To your point on the quick turnaround from the Bahamas. The team got back to CT on Saturday? Whenever we play at the XL, the team stays in Hartford the night before. So, that gave them only one full day (Sunday) to rest before it was literally hitting the road again.
  6. Ts5034

    ThoughtZ™ and Hawks are giving me a headache.

    Conference play starts in 19 days. We have one more cupcake in Grambling followed by St Bonaventure and WVU before we open BE play vs PC. You can make the argument that the next 19 days are the most crucial of the season. Whatever has been going wrong needs to get fixed before conference play so...
  7. Ts5034

    When This Kind Of Thing Happens

    I heard them mention during the game how UMES did not play last season so It’s hard to judge where they should be ranked. As of right now, they are 2-5. Just looking at their schedule, the most lopsided loss was at Temple 72-49, and the other losses vs St Joe’s, Campbell, and Liberty were by 2...
  8. Ts5034

    Chief’s Briefs - MES Edition

    Im not trying to be all sunshine and roses, but I think a lot of that was due to a post Bahamas hangover from everyone, coaching staff included, and no Tyrese. We missed his toughness. Cole has been the star of this team so far. But, where is Samson and Rahsool? At some point these guys are...
  9. Ts5034

    Jeff Jacobs

    And is that because some guy is mad the national writers have more of the inside scoop than he does?
  10. Ts5034

    Jeff Jacobs

    I think he has said on record that he will no longer Tweet about UConn Athletics. IDK the reason, but It is a little strange.
  11. Ts5034

    Coach K Brings in Gervonta Davis

    Who Is Gervonta Davis?
  12. Ts5034

    So Long Bahamas

    Agree. Atlantis has now surpassed Maui as the premier November Tournament. Im sure travel has a lot to do with that. Maui Is great, but Paradise Island/Atlantis In the Bahamas is a great place as well, and It’s about 10-12 hours closer for most schools. Of the 3 times we played in this event...
  13. Ts5034

    If you’d a told me 18th KenPom

    There is 3 months plus of basketball to be played before we get to the conference and NCAA Tournaments. There is so much time and season left. There will be up’s and down’s along the way. It’s crazy to put too much stock into what happened the last 3 games and think thats how It’s going to be...
  14. Ts5034

    Next Season’s Roster

    Honestly, If Cole continues to play at the level he currently is, he will have an opportunity to make money playing basketball next year. Probably not the NBA, but I wouldn’t count on him returning.
  15. Ts5034

    So Long Bahamas

    Dykes is OK. He mostly does SEC games, so I would think this was probably the first time he’s called a UConn game. As far as Karl Ravech goes, It’s just strange hearing him call basketball since he is so synonymous with baseball. They did spend a minute or two praising Calhoun . Ravech went on...
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