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  1. RockyMTblue2

    How Seton Hall’s Anthony Bozzella prepares for UConn, Paige Bueckers: ‘Just gets better every day’

    Bozzella's revisionist history concerning AEH's freshman year. She didn't spend it at UConn. Rather, she was booted off the team in late December. She had to work hard to earn that distinction.
  2. RockyMTblue2

    Taylor Rooks Interviews Paige

    So many times of these on-line interviews spend a great amount of their time on word association or celebrity games, testing the interviewee in popular culture. The purpose of this is??
  3. RockyMTblue2

    Geno Challenges Team To Be Mentally Tougher Were they enjoying...
  4. RockyMTblue2

    The Story of How Paige Bueckers and Azzi Fudd’s Unbreakable Bond Led Them to UConn

    You may recall that when it came down to decision time for Azzi the word was it was UConn or UCLA. Now with a deeper look at the Azzi Paige relationship, it is hard to believe that anyone was in the running against UConn. It gives credence to the rumor circulating at the time that UCLA was...
  5. RockyMTblue2

    Gatorade signs Paige to multi-year deal

    Playful or cheeky? The bucket was a give a way.
  6. RockyMTblue2

    Gatorade signs Paige to multi-year deal

    For those who wondered where Paige had gone in the NIL race, she wears the big shoes and one just dropped.
  7. RockyMTblue2

    Napheesa & Alex expecting!!!

    Congrats to one of my most favorite people. All the best for the rest of your term.
  8. RockyMTblue2

    UCLA loses to Kent state

    Yeah, but next year she'll have a freshman with a cape, right?
  9. RockyMTblue2

    Former Husky Saylor to Ark. [merged thread]

    While Saylor was a new favorite of mine who I hoped would be a valuable + Husky, beyond wishing her well I do not intent to follow her or Arkansas AND I hope this Boneyard penchant for adopting such teams does not take route. Take it to the General side of the board.
  10. RockyMTblue2

    Seimone Augustus Thinks UConn Has Too Much Power in WBB [merged thread]

    Along came a beyond smart people person with an enormous sense of how basketball should be played and he captivated so many of the young athletes who wanted to play the game and he still is. That is the most powerful form of influence.
  11. RockyMTblue2

    Amy Poffenbarger Clarification

    She's walking some stuff back. I suspect it's because Saylor got annoyed at her mom.
  12. RockyMTblue2

    KK Arnold to UConn [merged thread]

    Something turned pleasant this afternoon. Welcome to KK.
  13. RockyMTblue2

    SC Postgame Thread

    This version of the Huskies, well, I think they need to be tougher, harder.
  14. RockyMTblue2

    USF Postgame Thread

    I didn't see the game. Also, though I found the radio station, I couldn't find the game. But the reports of the game are disquieting, deeply disquieting.
  15. RockyMTblue2

    Texas at Tennessee Poll

    All questions involving Tennessee are surely rhetorical if you call yourself a true Husky fan.
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