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    Should this board include this emoji?

    What would that be? "I'm vaccinated and safe" "Shut up" "I am speechless" Something else?
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    OT: The new shows on TV this season...

    Most of them seem to be "meh", at least in the previews, but has anyone come on a show that they thought was worth watching? I happened to catch the pilot of The Big Leap with Scott Foley - he's surprisingly funny, and it was much better than I expected. I'm curious what others have seen...
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    UConn has too much fire power

    Whilst I love Tony's optimism and enthusiasm, IMHO there is no way UCONN will be dominant against the best teams this season. Sure we will likely blow out anyone not in the top 10, but there is no team out there who will roll over for UCONN, and I'm betting fans of Stanford and SC like their...
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    UCTV UConn John Fanta

    He's pretty emphatic that UCONN is the best team in the country. But when he talks about the guards, no mention of Ducharme. When he talks about the post players, no mention of Juhusz. Not sure that Ducharme will be the difference in winning the NC, but the guard depth certainly helps. Same for...
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    2021 WNBA MVP

    I voted for Tina - not because I think she has a snowball's chance in hell, but rather because she had such a tremendous season with almost no help. No Delle Donne, no Meeseman, sure she had Atkins (another Olympian), but she seriously needs to rethink where she signs next season.
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    MSU’s Jessika Carter arrested

    Over 100 posts. How many of them are actually about Jessika Carter being arrested??
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    First Big East preview

    And Andra E-Hunter transferred from the SEC to the Big East. At least I think it was the SEC. She was at about 4 different schools before landing at Seton Hall :p
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    First Big East preview

    All true comments about "teams who will try to challenge UCONN", but I have no issue with that. She alone (Paige) is penomenal and make [sic] the Huskies one of the favorites for the Big East women’s basketball throne, but when you add in Christyn Williams and Olivia Nelson-Ododa as well, the...
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    Where Will UConn's 2022 Graduates Go in WNBA Draft?

    I get it's all speculation at this point, but it's premature. All 3 of them have a lot to prove this season, and how they play will have a direct correlation to where they are drafted... Of course, nothing wrong with the exercise of "if the draft were held today, where would they go?..."
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    Poll: You Can only attend ONE Home Game, Which Game and Why?

    I chose Tennessee, but it's close between all of them. Tennessee because I want to destroy them. Like by 50 points. But the same goes for ND. Louisville will be a good game, and Arkansas to get revenge from last year. But POUND Tennessee (and ND)...
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    Big East teams 2021-2022

    There were a couple big east games last season that were stinkers, or closer than expected. Seton Hall and Georgetown, 20 point victories in one meeting, and Marquette, a 10 point win, in another. Yes we stomped Marquette in the BET, but it wasn't all puppies and kittens during the season. But...
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    Full Non-Conference Released

    UCONN WBB 2021-22 NON-CONFERENCE SCHEDULE Nov. 7 – FORT HAYS STATE (exhibition) Nov. 14 – ARKANSAS Nov. 20 – vs. Minnesota (Battle 4 Atlantis) Nov. 21 – vs. USF/Syracuse (Battle 4 Atlantis) Nov. 22 – vs. TBD (Battle 4 Atlantis) Dec. 5 – NOTRE DAME Dec. 9 – at Georgia Tech (ESPN2, 7 p.m.) Dec. 11...
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    Christyn Williams: Redemption Series - Part 1

    Good for her. "So... I really didn't like that question". Sean McFarland from the Hartford Courant will probably think twice before asking any UCONN player a dumb question like that again. He basically asked "It seemed like they had an answer every time you made a run. How disheartening was...
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    UConn WBB 100% Vaccination Rate

    My dad has been living with congestive heart failure for over 10 years and tries to be as healthy as he can be (low salt diet, exercise, proper meds, etc.). He's 83 years old. I can't stress how strongly I feel about letting NO ONE who is un-vaccinated anywhere near him. So I'm 100% in favor of...
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    Happy birthday Gabby

    Happy Birthday Gabby! Really looking forward to seeing you suit up next season in LA - will actually give me a reason to root for the Sparks, and see you in person!!
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