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    Way-Too-Early Top 25

    I don't think anyone on this board is close the UK program but it's interesting they spent time talking about transfers who will be available next year but didn't mention former Pac-12 Freshmen of the Year, Dre'Una Edwards? Is she not expected to be healthy for this upcoming season? On paper...
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    Top prospects for 2021....ESPN

    There is actually an old Boneyard thread titled "Saniya Chong the next great one" In it, you can see where she was ranked. Blue Star had her as #83 (per the Jan. 13, 2012 post) Maxpreps had her ranked 23rd in New York. (per Jan. 19 2012 post) Also, mentioned going into her pre-senior summer...
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    2022 guard KK Bransford announces top-12

    The team definitely overachieved in the Big Ten tournament, which was surprising. But when he's the highest paid Big Ten coach (almost 300,000 more than his predecessor Foster's base salary) and one of the identified reasons Foster was let go was because of his failures in in-state recruiting...
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    2022 guard KK Bransford announces top-12

    Not a good look for Kevin McGuff when the top Ohio player doesn't even have OSU in their top 12.
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    September Non-UConn Recruiting Thread

    Damiya Hagemann has committed to Michigan State.
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    Kelsey Plum to University of Arkansas?

    Yeah, Bombay is old news at this point. Hasn't been the official name since '95. I believe the name changes are for the same reasons, to de-anglicize the city names. Might take longer for the name Bengaluru to catch on in our hyper-connected world.
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    Kelsey Plum to University of Arkansas?

    I don't know if this is a joke or genuine question...but I'm taking it as genuine question. As of November 2014, India officially changed the name to Bengaluru (pre-British occupation it was Bendakalooru). So, the author of the article is being correct. Similar to the Mumbai/Bombay name update...
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    Non-UConn Recruiting Thread
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    Non-UConn Recruiting Thread

    If it helps, Ohio State has zero top 100 recruits in 2021 and had only one (depending on which service two) last season. So, if you go by ESPN, only four top 100 players on the roster for the 2020-2021 season. (seven if you go by ProspectsNation)
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    Mailbag: Azzi Fudd, life after Geno, status of the season and more

    Kayla McPherson committed to UNC on August 16th. Per this tweet: Hollingshead hasn't released a list but in July said she has narrowed it down to about 10 to 15 schools. Mentioned she will sign at the end of her Senior year. Per this article: Consensus top-30 Jillian Hollingshead taking her...
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    Great montage of UCONN in the WNBA...

    This is only showing players who are playing the season and are in the "wubble". That is why Renee and Tina are also absent. *Edited to add Tina (OOPS)
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    2020-2021 Non-Uconn WCBB News

    Ohio State has added Simon Harris to the staff as an Assistant Coach. Was most recently AC at NC State and was the lead recruiter of Sophie Hart, the 6'4" forward who just committed to the Pack two days ago.
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    2020 off-season transfers

    She is back on the UNC roster with this information: Graduated from UNC with a bachelor's degree in public policy in 2019 ... Owns the two highest single-game three-pointer totals in program history, with an ACC-record 10 against Charleston Southern on Nov. 22, 2016, and nine against UNCW on...
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    2020 off-season transfers

    Former Ohio State guard, Janai Crooms, is transferring to Michigan State as announced in the below video.
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    2020 off-season transfers

    Maybe I'm confused, but I think it's kind of interesting that Baylor and UCLA have basically swapped two Plano West HS players. Natalie Chou (Baylor to UCLA) and now Jaden Ownes (UCLA to Baylor).