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WNBA Finals

And the winner is ...

  • D and the Mercury

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Aug 31, 2011
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Congratulations as well to Allie Quigley, who played college ball locally at DePaul and who led the Sky in scoring in this game with 26 points.

I love how the Finals MVP debate is between Copper and Sloot. No one is under the illusion that Candace is even in the ballpark on that one.

Again, the entire series was handicapped by Kia Nurse's ACL injury. I truly believe that decided this title.

I would like to have seen the difference both with a healthy Kia and a healthy DT. Both were factors in the outcome IMO. Unfortunately we'll never know for sure. Injuries are part of sports. That's the way it goes.


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Oct 11, 2011
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I would have given the Finals MVP to Sloot, but the Sky's top 4 all had fantastic series, showcasing the scoring depth they've had all playoffs:

Sloot: 11.5ppg, 12.5apg, 5rpg, 52.5% FG
Quigs: 18ppg, 4.25rpg, 43.8%FG, 35.3% 3-pt FG
Parker: 14.5ppg, 8.5rpg, 3.5apg, 52% FG, 35.7% 3-pt FG
Copper: 17ppg, 5.5rpg, 50%FG, 36.3% 3-pt FG

Then Dolson and Stevens played their roles, playing tough defense, rebounding, and giving crucial offensive punch when needed.
Sep 8, 2015
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Many reporters, covering the WNBA, and covering other sports, were tweeting about it.

I also read something, cant find the link, that Phoenix had to leave Wintrust by 5.10pm CDT, to catch their plane(charter flight) back to Phoenix. The game ended at 4.12pm CDT. So that gave them less than an hour to reflect in the locker room, shower and get going.

In general, I have no problem with them not wanting to talk. They talked after the other 2 games they lost.
Nearly every story that is written about a winning championship game/series has stories and quotes from the winning side, and very limited coverage from the losing side.
Point taken. While it's true the stories are mostly written about the winning team with little to no focus on the the opponent, it still to me is a bad look to not say something. To her credit DT and apparently Skylar congratulated every player from Chicago. That's something professionals do.
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Nov 6, 2015
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As an aside, I'm not sure when the broadcasting rights agreement is up next but I would sure like to see some competition for ESPN. The fact that the Mercury had to play a Game 5 against the Aces on Friday night, fly home commercial on Saturday and then play Game 1 of the Finals at noon on Sunday was just terrible. That would never happen in the NBA. After all these years, the WNBA is still so beholding to ESPN and that has to change.

First off, congratulations to the Sky and longtime fans -- @Orangutan, for sure -- for the victory. Well done by players and coaches (Copper and 'sloot were relentless.)

@UConnCat's comment sticks with me, as does Phoenix's lack of depth, when I think back on Phoenix's 4th quarter collapse (the Sky's comeback if you will). Specifically, the three missed lay-ups by (in order) Brianna Turner, Skylar Diggins-Smith and Diana Taurasi. At the time, Chicago had cut it down to a five-point lead and Phoenix could've gone back and forth by hitting those lay-ups. They didn't: Bam, Parker's three ties the game.

I'm an older guy who still plays in a Sunday morning round-robin. Three full-court games are good. Fourth...depends how much running went on. One thing we all agree on: your legs go first and when your legs go, you miss layups and/or gimmes; whether you're an over-the-hill guy like me or, apparently, top-of-the line players.

I think fatigue had a lot to do with Phoenix, with it's pared down and injury-affected roster. The shortened time frame and travel didn't help any. Plus, Chicago had a lot of weapons and used them. Phoenix couldn't overcome all of it.
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Aug 23, 2011
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If they were to ditch ESPN, where do you suggest they go?

I didn’t necessarily suggest the WNBA ditch ESPN. What I’m hoping for is that the growing ratings for the WNBA will cause some other broadcast network to offer up a competitive bid for the broadcast rights. Competition provides leverage, and leverage in negotiations provides the opportunity to ask for better conditions, e.g., something as simple as an extra day or 2 between the semis and the finals. Or how ‘bout at least 48 hours? The NBA finalists had at least 2 full days off before the finals without having to fly commercial.

Also, the ABC/ESPN family chose not to broadcast yesterday’s game on ABC so that it could instead show a documentary on the 1986 Mets.

It’s doubtful that any other broadcast network will outbid ESPN for a number of regular season games and the playoffs. I also get that there is a downside to taking a contract away from ESPN. Ask the NHL about the consequences of doing that.

I’m just dreaming of a day when ESPN doesn’t have so much control over women’s basketball.


La verdad no peca pero incomoda
Feb 22, 2016
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This article contains quotes from Diana, Skylar and BG.

"I'm just as proud to be on this team as on those championship teams," she [Taurasi] said. "I've never seen a team really fight this hard ever. And I've been obviously on a lot of good teams. I've been on some OK teams, but this team had a grit that just was incredible. I really enjoyed it."

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