2020 Recruiting: Thomas not making visit

Aug 5, 2017
If anyone here was 17 years old, a great player, supremely confident in his ability, focused on getting to the NBA, with a horizon of basketball history limited to the last 4 or 5 years, and with all his family and friends latching on to the hype train, which of the following reasons for picking a school would you home in on?

1. A school in a high profile league that gets optimum TV exposure;
2. A school with a coach that gets hyped day and night;
3. A school that has players drafted every year;
4. A school with draftees widely recognized as among the best in the NBA;
5. A school that finds a way to "help" your family;
6. A school that goes to the tournament every year;
7. A school that goes to the tournament most years;
8. A school with a coach who has put very few players in the NBA;
9. A school with a coach with great knowledge, who cares about his players and helps build players for life after basketball;
10. A school that has won more championships than any other over the last twenty years.
Mar 15, 2015
The plan should be to put on the full court press and land one of Cliff, Cardwell or JBF. Reevaluate scholarship situation in the spring(remember we only have 1 2020 scholarship as of right now) and if one opens up(it likely will) target a transfer or late bloomer at guard.
First big willing to commit gets the scholarship.