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Things are as they should be

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Aug 24, 2011
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Not a bad game at all today. It was like fighting a midget - put a hand on his head and even if he kicks you in the shins a couple of times, the outcome is never in doubt.

Given the title last year, it's easy to to forget they're still a young team. This isn't Syracuse where they're older than most NDBL teams or, well, Pitt. They still have a tendency to start playing with their food when they get up big.

Even so, the final margin was something of a creation of some striped nitwits.

St. John's presented no match-up problems. There was nothing unique or problematic in dealing with them - they're a very pedestrian team all around.

So when the team that is ranked second in the entire nation in fewest fouls committed is called for 21 fouls and gives up 31 free throws, the people in the Foot Locker outfits need to do some soul searching. The entire game was weird, but the last minute was positively bizarre.


Andre Drummond has very quietly averaged 15 and nine over his past four games - he's also shot about 75% from the field. His free throw shooting has been...less good. But, still, he's going to be an all-world handful by March.

Today...21 assists on 28 baskets. All eight players who played anything close to serious minutes registered an assist.

All that said, they're basically where they need to be at this point. I think some people are whistling past the graveyard with this team. They get solid point play, play defense and at the end of the year, they probably have two top-5ish draft picks.

They're young and they are going to hit some speed bumps, but they absolutely fit the profile of a team that can win into April.
Aug 28, 2011
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Love the midget analogy. It sums up perfectly how I was feeling about this game. The youth and corresponding lack of consistency will keep things interesting. Take the next game for instance, with say the '99 edition I would have about 95% confidence we would win. They just didn't lose games they shouldn't (and I understand SHU is pretty good this year but it is still one we should win). There may still be a few more clunkers to come this season but the pieces appear to be there for strong post season.


From what I have seen and I have not seen everyone yet at length - I would rank Syracuse, UConn and Georgetown as the top 3 teams in the Big East - in that order. Where they will stand in March can be another story. Still trying to get a good read on Pitt and WVU.
Aug 28, 2011
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The shooting -60%- covered up any potential problems on Saturday. But the high percentage was of ther own making, they moved the ball, got good shoots and rarely took any bad shots.

If I had to nit-pick, and those are the only types of problems n the floor today, I thought the defense coming out for the second half left SJU wide open shot after wide open shot. It took five minutes for the D to show up after the break.

But as I said, that's a nit. The offense is as balanced as any great UConn squad. It is dangerous from the arc and in the paint.
Aug 26, 2011
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Spot on fishman.....on the foot locker guys yesterday no doubt they felt bad for the redmen after the TO at 70-49. There were some very strange calls and no calls down the stretch (boat goal tend, bazz got hammered) to keep it close. Add Dunlaps inability to find his bench......
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