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  • Holy . I'm now convinced that Diaco if off his meds. Check out the latest quotes on the "who calls the plays thread?" I may drink myself under the Rent on Saturday
    Fishsticks! How have you been buddy? Haven't been on the yard in years, but have wondered how all of you have been doing? Please bring me up to date (or as much as possible) Has anybody seen Ken? Joyce? Steve? I see you have a new title lol. Glad to be back, Chuck
    Wishing you and your family the strength to persevere through a difficult time grieving. If you want to meet up for coffee or a drink one day in Simsbury let me know. I have been a type 1 insulin dependent diabetic since childhood. I know what its like to be looking at long term complications from a chronic disease albeit not cancer. I have almost lost my life several times from hypoglycemia.
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