Hartford NCAA Tourney Games


Head Happy Hour Coach
Aug 27, 2011
If you think that is truly the case, please explain why it had not been held in Hartford for 21 years (last held here in 1998).

Hartford selling the event out is no different than any other northeast city. It sells out and fills the seats everywhere in this region. The tournament only struggles in other parts of the country which Hartford would not be competing with to host in the northeast. This region has the population density, wealth, and close proximity to all the large eastern metros for it to succeed at the gate wherever it is. There are many larger and more modern venues that are far better operated in this region for the NCAA to select.
It’s only recently they have struggled to move seats for the first two days.

They are going to put the games in places that fill the seats more than ever.

It doesn’t succeed everywhere and multiple venues had the stubhub minimum $6 tickets available for a bunch of sessions.

If you don’t think they notice where the tickets are 2x face on the secondary market and where they are 10% of face...