Counterpart Season 2


Aug 27, 2011
Surprised that there is no thread for the already.

Really liking season 2 even more so than season 1. It's really interesting that they've severed the two worlds for the season and kept it that way. Just so many good performances. The 4th and 5th episodes are possibly the two best of the entire series so far.

Some thoughts 5 episodes in (some spoilers if you aren't caught up):
- Really love the Quayle prime and how he is exactly the same while being in such a different circumstance (more on him later).

- Echo is such a dark concept - really cool.

- Nadia is bad ass and I wonder when she will return to wreak more havoc.

- Emily prime stumbling around like a child in a grown up world is both funny and like a crash about to happen that you don't want to watch.

- Lambert's creepiness is so well played. I think it's intended to make you uncomfortable and at least for me, succeeds.

- Where has Roland been and when will he be back?

- The back story for Ian is really interesting.

- What is Mira going to do with Yanek? Is she trying to close the crossing forever?

- I want to know more about management!

- and finally it's really surprising that it looks like the divergence and possible ultimate conclusion will come down to the least aware and dimmest player, Peter Quayle.
Aug 27, 2011
I started in a few months back - didn't get through the first season - don't remember why but need to pick it up and finish it. I did like it though.