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  • Hi Jleves, looking at my profile -my bday is wrong I wish it was 1966 but it is 1955. also how do I add a picture to avatar?
    Thanks much Glenn Taylor gtcam
    Better late than never? Just donated - I think. I used a CC and when I clicked the Step 3 - Summary button, it took me back to the first page rather than to a summary page. Can you see if the site indicates a donation today? I'll monitor my CC account to see if the transcation gets posted.
    Sorry, forgot to ever tell you I donated, so did huskymaniac thanks!
    jleves (sent this the other day)

    "Good Evening... Donation made. I donated what I would have donated to send a "needy Boneyarder" to a bowl game this year. Not giving up on the season but... Just saying. "

    Might as well add me so my fellow boneyarders do not think I did not contribute. Thanks - great job!
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