OT: Aggressive move I pulled at work.

Feb 20, 2021
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Was the cessation of the Covid stipend and bonus structure directed only at you? If not, I really don't understand why you would expect the company to reinstate yours alone. You have every right to request a possible wage increase as long as your production and team play warrants it and that would have been my only ask/argument. Threatening to quit never moves me as a manager and only makes me think that if the person pulled that once it emboldens them to do so again. Is your employment at will? If so, I would be very careful in the future. If you were willing to leave that suddenly and bartend (no issues with that at all) maybe you really don't enjoy the position in the first place.
I'm glad that you received something that will allow you to stay, if that's what you really want. I agree with writing a thank you note/email for the pay raise but I would leave it at that, as Woodson said, the choice of wording is essential and expanding beyond a simple thank you may open a can of worms.
Best of Luck UCannUConn
Yes, I would agree keep the thank you simple and forward looking. Another thing I recommend is down the road if a conversation comes up about what motivates you make sure you say money, working as a team and satisfaction from doing a good job. If an employers can satisfy you via non monetary awards or praise - they will.
Chief is a big believer in some kind of stock grant to ALL employees to get everyone on the same page or if it’s a small business even an annual holiday bonus helps. It’s always good to have those who contribute to it, share in the success.
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