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    Watch Dynamic Dorka

    Would you expect him to? He may not say anything about loyalty but he values (as all coaches do) the experience that players with three years in the program possess. He is fabulous with the press, a reporter's dream but he is not going to pidgeon-hole himself publicly. He is going to give ONO...
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    Watch Dynamic Dorka

    I am from Ohio. I have seen her play a bunch both live and on TV. She is a marginal foul shooter, takes plays off defensively, loves shooting 3s (who doesn't), will probably struggle with the structure demanded at UConn that was not even close to being part of McGuff's regime and has not...
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    Asst Coach Job Posting

    CD wouldn't qualify.
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    Asst Coach Job Posting

    Jen Rizzotti
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    Watch Dynamic Dorka

    My post sounds critical of ONO. It was not. Just because I think Dorka is better does not mean that ONO won't have an important role next year and that she brings things to the table that Dorka does not possess. Will she accept 15-20 minutes a game? Will Geno give her that many or more...
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    Watch Dynamic Dorka

    If she gets her foul shot fixed, she can do more things than ONO. What she can off the dribble is really significant. She will create havoc at the high post. Geno is, in my opinion, historically loyal to two, three year starters. I don't know what he is going to do but if it was strictly...
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    April 2021 Recruiting Thread

    I have seen Juhasz play a lot at OSU and there is no doubt she could provide meaningful minutes. She can consistently knock down that fifteen footer that ONO hesitated to take. I remain in the really small minority though that think if she stays patient, Piath can help, maybe even next year.
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    EVINA IS COMING BACK! [Merged Thread]

    I think part (maybe small) of her decision may be the apparently unusually strong bond that seems to exist with her and Geno.
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    Evina and Geno Word Association Game. (Merged thread)

    I have watched everything I can get my hands on for ten years in regards to Geno. What Geno and Evina have is unlike anything I have ever seen.
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    The real " Controversy" last night

    Baylor went into last nights' game with a 20 game winning streak without being seriously challenged. I would think the NCAA would have a least a few brain cells to realize that having UConn on TV is a guaranteed bump in ratings. What are the odds of them playing the late game Friday? My...
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    Baylor Postgame Thread

    Aubrey played the other 25 minutes. AG took some heat in the chat. Not sure why. She took two charges, hit a perimeter shot and held her own guarding arguably one of the best front court players in the country NaLyssa Smith. If Geno wasn't pleased, we probably would have seen Anna...
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    If You Want to be a UConn Legend...

    As pictures in the post game showed, Carrington had success because she spent a lot of time grabbing and holding Paige (most of which were not called). Richards', I think, reputation as a top defender is well-deserved. If only she had any kind of consistent perimeter offensive game.
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    Baylor Postgame Thread

    I know it has always been his strategy to use a small rotation but I wished he would have given Evinana rest or two. I think she ran out of gas in the second half. Maybe about 3 minutes of Anna?
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    Baylor Postgame Thread

    If UConn lost, we spend the next six months lamenting missed layups and foul shots. Now we get to celebrate a great comeback against an unbelievably physical team.
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    #6 Texas vs #2 Maryland - 3/28/21

    Celeste TAylor is really good.

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