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    So, let's face it:

    unless a vacine is widely distributed, the prospect of sports especially basketball is going to be very limited. Just as my hopes of seeing the UConn Huskies Women play with all of their fantastic talent, boom, a covid report is listed. Too bad. Lots of great sports entertainment will be lost...
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    A different Season is approaching

    I agree with Tony's assessment. However, I think that with the talent that this Team has on board, that we will be impressed sooner than we think. I will give these young folk credit to be hard chargers and fast learners under Geno's tutelege, and that they will pursue excellence with a desire...
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    How good a duo do you expect Paige & Azzi be?

    I think that you better ask "Carnac". He is the only one on this forum who can see into the future.
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    Diana Taurasi / Phoenix Mercury update!

    Soon, the question will be asked, what are you going to do after playing basketball? Broadcasting? Coaching at the pro level? Book? Whatever? She will be successful in whatever she chooses.
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    Of short and long benches

    All that I remember was that Geno was upset that he had to rely on only one or two players during the season and tournament time to play. I think that he will be thrilled to use as many talented players as he can to change the flow of the game and arrange different defense and offensive styles.
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    Veterans roll call

    DON'T EVER SAY THAT YOU ARE NOT A VETERAN AGAIN! 99 per cent of Americans stand on the side lines doing nothing and are nothing but "takers". They rely on you to do the dirty work because they do not want to get their hands dirty. At least you put the uniform on and served. That IS more than most.
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    Veterans roll call

    Napoleon must have said that as he dragged his tail back from Russia in the dead of winter. Tell that to the Marines of the Frozen Chosun.
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    Playing time this year

    I just want to see these young talented people play. I don't want to analyze anything, just watch, enjoy, and see outstanding basketball. It has been a crappy year and I want to be entertained with something good, happy, and exciting.
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    Playing time this year

    I have to chuckle at this thread. The season has not even started yet and we are sorting out minutes to play. Certainly, this is a difficult job to administer, but that is why Geno is there who observes both the game and the players.
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    Veterans roll call

    I'll bet most people did not know what you were doing there.
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    13 days

    The anticipation to begin this season for me is mainly to see this new Team with highly skilled freshman and seasoned veterans. It is touted that the shooting, height, passing, and speed of this new team will present a significant challenge to opposition. What we witness might be the beginning...
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    Geno Auriemma talks UConn women’s ‘exceptional’ 2021 recruiting class

    Gotta make sure that Geno does not croak from a pasta overload from all of this new excitement. He has put on a few pounds over the past few years, which he is entitled to, but now he has to keep up with these young firebrands.
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    Veterans roll call

    Since family members are also included, my Dad served in the US Navy Submarine Service on, I think, a Balto Class sub during WWII in the Pacific covering mostly the South China Sea trade routes to Japan. Jan 1942 to December 1945. My Brother served in the US Navy during the Korean War on a...
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    The Dream Team has Arrived

    What Tony said! Any problem with that? The excitement builds and there is tension in the air. The ball is tossed into the air by the referee and the game begins.