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    TNF 9/19: Houston @ Tulane; Titans @ Jaguars

    It's built more like a soccer than a football stadium.
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    As A Juxtaposition

    The original Yale Bowl seated 70,000. It was built in 1914. It was constructed by digging a huge, oval-shaped hole in the earth and piling the excavated dirt symmetrically around the rim of the hole in a perfect oval shape. Then they built the 30 entrances, called portals, all the way around...
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    As A Juxtaposition

    This happens a lot at Texas A&M, which was voted the best tailgate scene in America a few years ago by Tailgater Magazine. My niece's sister owns a business in Bryan - College Station. She and several other prominent local businesses put on a huge tailgate outside Kyle Field for every game...
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    Away game Tailgates / Viewing parties ?

    I think you missed the point. It would be for away games only, not home games.
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    UConn @ Indiana: Saturday September 21 12:00 BTN

    Wake up the echoes? We smothered them that fine day.
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    Anyone getting concerned yet...

    Nice idea, but I think the animosity will linger about as long as it did after BS College left the old BE.
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    Anyone getting concerned yet...

    The MAC won't take us unless we move all our sports there. They threw UMASS out for that reason. They refused to move all their other sports from the A10.
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    Deepest Condolences

    Sad day for the Edsall family. It puts the game in perspective. Condolences and best wishes to the Edsall family and friends, which should include all UConn alums, fans and staff.
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    The AAC is working fine. It's the best G5 league and getting better. The reason it didn't work for us is because our administration never put the effort into building a football program. If Temple could do it, so could we, with the right approach and money to back it up. Instead we elected to go...
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    As Wagner Approaches

    I get what you're saying, freescooter. My remarks were intented to be limited only to fans, not players. Sorry for the confusion.
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    ESPN Article: UConn's Edsall: Paying college players 'inevitable'

    You're comparing apples to oranges. If you want to compare the UT men's BB fan message board to their women's, go right ahead. Comparing football to men's and women's BB at UT is pointless. Tennessee football is the biggest sport on campus. Nothing else is a close second. Of course it out does...
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    Coming from a family of Division I linemen, redshirt freshman Christian Haynes ready to make his mark with UConn Football team (Fuller)

    Love it or hate it, that's Edsall's preferred style of offense. The nice thing about it is if you can do it against most of your opponents, it makes your passing attack more effective. When they think you're going to do nothing but run, the occasional pass comes as a big surprise. It will...
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    As Wagner Approaches

    We watched that game as a joint UCONN - Navy alumni event. Not only were the Navy alums stunned at the way we gave the game away, they actually felt sorry for us! I'm not kidding. They hung around at the bar afterward and talked about the conclusion of the game. I told them I wanted Diaco fired...
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    Yale Uconn Football Programs

    I have a 1964 Husky football schedule printed by the Conn. Rep. Party. The schedule is on one side. The other side is an advertisement featuring Goldwater for President and Bill Miller for Vice President. It has the colonial era Husky wearing the tri-cornered hat and carrying a musket.
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    UConn Should Install the Triple Option

    You must not be very old. Either that, or you pay little attention to programs other than UCONN. Temple has sucked for decades, up until recently. They were so bad they got thrown out of the Big East in 2004. Then they hired Al Golden. Then they had a successful stint in the MAC. Then they lost...