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    OT: Most addictive computer game(s) you played?

    A MMORPG called Dark Age of Camelot right around the turn of the century. Now I play a lot of Football Manager and OOTP (Out of the Park Baseball)
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    OT: Realignment?

    A lot of words were said but Blumenthal never missed a photo op and he became the face of the lawsuit.
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    Texas & OK ask to join SEC?

    The roof, the roof, the roof is on fire We don't need no water let the ****** burn!
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    OT: Realignment?

    well. those PAC12 folks are cunning linguists, no?
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    Maybe this is where we are heading....down the road some.

    Football will have to break away. Let's say 48 teams (could be more but not less). Being the greedy b*st*rds that they are, they keep all that money. Basketball/Olympics will remain as is (break away is only for FB). The Tournament (may not be NCAA Tournament) will continue to support all...
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    Non-Key Tweets

    I want to see the old BE teams that deserted get hung out to dry...BC, Cuse and Pitt specifically.
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    July 1, 2026: Your predictions as to where every FBS program will be

    2026 is a lifetime away. So much could change in 5 years. Who knows, maybe a platform emerges that leads to conferences going back to being more regionalized?
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    Was the Alston case (NIL) the trigger for this round of realignment?

    That will be part of the "in home visit", to go over marketing opportunities for the prospect. Here's the portfolio for our area, we're also referred to as "the 6th borough so there will be opportunities in the City...
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    Texas & OK ask to join SEC?

    The SEC with Texas will be a world unto itself.
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    Texas & OK ask to join SEC?

    my thoughts exactly
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    Non-Key Tweets

    Ho hum. College sports is so borked I'm not sure I care what happens.
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    Anyone feel like bragging?

    Slow pitch, I hit a softball over the war memorial at Riverview Park in Shelton. I've heard guys talk about hitting a baseball over it in high school. One other time, playing left field (softball) someone ripped a ball over my head. I ran straight back and reached up and grabbed the ball...
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    SCOTUS rules against NCAA

    Thank you P5! Your efforts to monetize any aspect of sport that you could for your own benefit, your desire to squeeze every last dollar in an effort to be "the best" has opened Pandora's box and has put college athletics at risk. Well done you classless, greedy
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    UConn President Thomas Katsouleas will leave post, sources say

    Keep this under wraps but I have heard that the real problem was that he had no handle with his left. He didn't move his feet well on defense either. Just saying.
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    Luke Murray Hired as Assistant Coach

    chief's depth of knowledge cannot be understood by the Casual Fan. Good call!
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