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    The Top 3 Things You Want to See on Saturday

    I’d love to see a win and to see the girls having a great time doing what they love.
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    Interesting Twitter Thread about HS Grades this Year

    My district is giving grades for all marking periods in the high school for the purpose of college sports and acceptances. Middle school is moving to pass/fail.
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    OT: What Will You Do With Stimulus Money?

    Bought a new washing machine because that magical sensor that knows when to stop the water from filling, decided to die and water flowed... everywhere. It was an old washer but the timing sucked.
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    COVID-19 Among BYers

    So far no one in my family has it though we were scared when my thirteen year old started coughing. Thankfully it only developed into a cold. He’s doing schoolwork remotely while I’m teaching and touching base with my students between 8-12 hours a day. The Albany NY area had been been ok so...
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    No fans at NCAA men's or women's tournament [merged thread]

    Department Department of Health in NY has said that in public school there is a mandatory 24 hour closure with one confirmed case, and increased time for subsequent confirmed cases. That was the information we got today, in addition to my school closing half day on Friday so we can prep for two...
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    USF Postgame Thread [merged thread]

    Sigh... I had a radial fracture in my elbow with floating bone and lost a lot of my range of motion. I hope that’s not the case for her as I thought she mentioned trying to play in Europe. Prayers it’s not broken.
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    Temple Postgame Thread

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    Temple Postgame Thread

    I can’t find a link for a replay of the game on the ESPN app. Has anyone had luck finding it?
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    Mohegan Sun Tournament - unsettled questions

    We go there every time we vacation in Ct (which is often). It's soooo good and the view of the marina while you eat is pretty great.
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    Olympic Qualifying

    Does Great Britain have a shot of getting in or are they completely out of contention?
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    Olympic Qualifying

    I loves how Hughes and Reeves let them play and mixed up the combinations. Katie Lou got some minutes up til that point but she really showed up for them today.
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    Olympic Qualifying

    Katie Lou did a great job in crunch time to get them ahead of Nigeria. Some timely threes, nice passing and defense. Sue definitely seemed rattled and was quite chatty with her defender all game. Breanna didn’t dress for the game.
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    Tennessee: and, the numbers don't lie

    I think he saw what she could do but wasn't seeing it consistently enough to give her more minutes. Practice is everything to Geno, we saw that last year with Olivia.
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