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  1. K

    Gaffney disappointing

    Gaffney has the ballhandling ability of a power forward Hawkins has the ballhandling ability of a center. It's Diggins or bust as far as getting Cole any help in that all important aspect.
  2. K

    Cole is going to need some Help

    It's mind boggling considering Hurley himself played the PG position and should know how important the position is in college basketball
  3. K

    UMass Post Mortem

    Can we place all our players in the transfer portal and select 80 others? I think I've seen it all when I saw Defensive linemen and linebackers actually running backwards after the snap.
  4. K

    So, FloFootball for UMass Game?

    NESN seems to bring all the UMass home games, I don't know why this would be any different
  5. K

    Randy Edsall to retire @ end of season

    Lol I watch and actually played it. Most people are not simpletons and understand what I am saying. Then there's you.
  6. K

    Randy Edsall to retire @ end of season

    They didn't play last year, will be younger since their seniors are not allowed to come back, and I had a source tell me they just started practicing because of covid. Certainly a winnable game I would think. We are talking the Ivy league here.
  7. K

    Randy Edsall to retire @ end of season

    That's great then my bad. I thought it was in November could have confused it with BB. Still a problem though in that everyone is getting a head start on them now and minds could be made up by the time we name one. If we are hiring a current HC we would most likely have to wait for their season...
  8. K

    Randy Edsall to retire @ end of season

    A new coach always brings juice and hope. Randy kept just about everyone from Diacos class when he was hired. As bad as we are, I can't imagine losing to Yale, and Umass and Vanderbilt are also almost equally as bad. There is a chance we have the same 2 or 3 wins we always seem to have
  9. K

    Randy Edsall to retire @ end of season

    Especially since the vultures are probably already contacting our recruits. And there is not going to be a new coach named before the signing period to combat it.
  10. K

    Randy Edsall to retire @ end of season

    I want to believe you guys, the last thing I want to see is another 4 years in the crapper while a new coach has to rebuild. So far it looks like another rerun. I'm going to hope it's just youth and not playing last year, and we hire a coach that isn't shy about jucos and the transfer portal...
  11. K

    Randy Edsall to retire @ end of season

    You've had some great posts the past few days, but I'm just going to go with the tape. It doesn't have to be the players or the coach. It can be both, the coach and the players the coach brought in. A defense that can't stop the run or pass, can't tackle, catch up to or cover people. That...
  12. K

    Randy Edsall to retire @ end of season

    Can someone ask Joe about the mess Randy is leaving us with?
  13. K

    29-65, 235 yards, 3 TD, 3 INT, 2 fumbles

    If Randy is saying he is the best he has, then he is effectively saying he has no Division 1 QB's in his program after 4 years That alone is a fireable offense
  14. K

    We should hire Holy Cross’ coach.

    He looks too much like Diaco for me I shuttered with terror every time they cut to him on TV.
  15. K

    Is Athletic Director Dave Benedict Out of Touch With UConn Football Fans

    Those major donors allow us to pay their favorite coach 1 million dollars. Me thinks they aren't very major.
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