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    Starting Lineup for Our Return to the BEAST

    It's really hard to find lineup data for college basketball so I can't speak to how they were specifically together on the court last year, and I know they ended the year starting together, but I'd be really surprised if Whaley and Carlton are on the floor at the same time a lot together this...
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    New Podcast: Alex Oriakhi

    He was a beast defensively his sophomore year. If you re-watch the Arizona and San Diego State games he completely wrecked what they were trying to do offensively whenever he was in the game.
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    Shot blockers that have torn their Achilles?

    Varejao tore his achilles and was really never the same after it. It's really tough to compare a lot of guys who have had the injury to Akok though because so many of them were older when they got injured and who knows if their production would've plateaued anyway regardless of the injury. Akok...
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    UConn Looking to Start a H/H Series at Home

    UConn has to play four home and home series with AAC teams, men's or women's. My guess is they do a two and two split, but I think the AAC is even worse in women's basketball than men's so who knows.
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    All Time “Above Their Head” UConn Performances

    Ollie obviously wasn't a good coach, but at times he could be very good at figuring out the right lineup combinations and if a certain type of action was working on offense he kept going to it until the other team proved they could stop it-likely the NBA influence. The 2014 team's personnel was...
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    Okay. All time UConn AAC team

    Maybe I'm crazy but I don't see how anyone can have Facey or Carlton over Miller. Unless this about career accomplishments in the AAC rather than how good they were at their peak.
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    Okay. All time UConn AAC team

    Napier Boatright CV DeAndre Shonn Miller(even though the number of rebounds that slipped through his hands was infuriating)
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    Really sad of CV

    My guess is the NCAA and the conferences take this day by day until a player/coach is infected. They’d love to make it through Sunday and then have the field set so they could potentially postpone the tournament knowing the field. I’d be surprised if they avoid any positive cases until then but...
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    Utah/OKC game delayed (canceled?)

    They're taking Mudiay and Gobert to the hospital to get tested. What's odd is that they've known they were feeling sick all afternoon and didn't take the teams off the court until right before tipoff.
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    NCAA tournament update

    The article says they'd only be prohibited in Snohomish, King, and Pierce counties, which isn't where the tournament is being held(Spokane).
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    Can we get an updated AAC bracket?

    I don't think there's a scenario out there that would put us against Tulsa in the 2nd round now. SMU was up by 9 with less than 2 minutes to go. Brutal.
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    AAC First Team

    Quasimodo predicted all of this.
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    2020 talent level potential compared to past teams

    Yes he was, in '08.
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    2020 talent level potential compared to past teams

    AJ Price was a 2nd team All-American. If we have guys who are that good next year I'll be very happy. Either way, it's really tough to compare to the '09 team to almost any other team at UConn because they were so unique in how they played. They only had 2 guards on the floor most of the time...
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    Kemba Injured.. it might be bad

    Was he moving at all when they put him on the stretcher?