Casey’s the Man! Well, Sort of…

187430338 (1)187430338 (1)So Casey Cochran was named the starting QB yesterday by Diaco during a unique press conference (which I’ll get to in a minute).  I think the majority of fans knew it’d be Cochran, wanted it to be Cochran, and felt after the way Casey played at the end of last season, he deserved a chance to keep that momentum going.  I’m glad it didn’t get dragged out until right before the opener.  It’s set, and we can put this discussion to rest.

But can we?

Diaco maintained Whitmer will play, and will play a good deal.  He mentioned that Whitmer’s share of the snaps will be closer to 51-49 rather than 85-15.  I personally think the way the time gets split will be based on matchups.  I feel like Whitmer will be viewed as the “relief pitcher” if the game situation calls for one.  I don’t think Whitmer will be used in only Wildcat situations, because his strength is his arm and he’s not a running QB.  Nothing frustrated me more than that over the past 3 years when we actually had a drive that was going somewhere, only to be stalled by two straight negative, predictable Wildcat plays.  Those days are over Husky fans – at least I hope, for Diaco’s sake, and for the blood pressure levels of our fanbase’s sake.  I really don’t see Diaco interchanging these guys in the middle of drives.   I think if Casey has things rolling, Casey will play.  If Diaco feels like we need a spark, need some leadership, need a big play, I think that’s when we’ll see Whitmer.  I could be dead wrong, but that’s my prediction on how things will play out.

As for Tim Boyle, this is completely the right move.  He was thrown in a situation last season that nobody could have had success in.  This is an opportunity for Tim to properly adjust to college football, and I think the program will reap the benefits down the road.  He is the future of UConn Football, not the present, so give him this year to develop himelf and make him that much better for when he can hit the field in 2015.

Now, to the press conference.  A lot has been said in the media and on twitter about the way Diaco made the announcement sitting alongside the 4 QB’s.  At first, I’ll admit, I didn’t get it.  Why the 4 QB’s?  Why not the captains? Why have any of the players at all?  And then, it clicked.  It was a message.  It was a message to fans. It was a message to the media.  It was a message to the AAC.  From the top guys all the way down to the last walk on, these players are all in.  Doesn’t matter who we start, we’re going to get behind our teammate and smash anyone who is in our way to get to where we want to be as a team.  Gone are the days of Pasqualoni, where he had clearly lost the team.  These players have bought in to Coach Diaco and what he’s selling.  The players are united, and I believe they’re heading into the season with great expectations, and they truly believe they can and will achieve those expectations.  This is UConn football now.  A new era begins in 10 days.


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