The following are contributors to the Boneyard Blog:

Jeff / 3uconn,

I cover UConn Men’s Basketball Recruiting. Over the past five to ten years I’ve really developed my love for watching UConn basketball. It’s great to have such a good basketball program in our state.

I’ve always been interested in how UConn got the players they did which led me to follow their recruiting. That has led me to covering UConn’s recruiting for the Boneyard. I look forward to continually giving you guys the best coverage that is out there for UConn’s recruiting.

If you would like to contact me for any reason please send an email to:

Alex Gershman / hungyhuskies,

Alex Gershman has been obsessed with sports his entire life. As a loyal UConn fan, he is ecstatic to be part of The Boneyard, using the nickname “hungryhuskies” to write mostly about the women’s and men’s basketball teams as well as the football team, though anything UConn-related is a possible topic for discussion. He is a fervent Red Sox fan who keeps tabs on Boston’s minor league affiliates as well as the big-league club. He is also passionate about Rafael Nadal as he enjoys the golden era of men’s tennis. In addition to UConn basketball, UConn football, baseball, and tennis, he follows the NBA and NFL too. Alex welcomes emails from all at

Nancy Pfaff / HuskyNan,

I am the Editor of the blog as well as an administrator of the Boneyard forums. My articles primarily cover UConn Women’s Basketball.

A Connecticut native, I’ve followed UConn basketball for as long as I can remember. I played club sports (basketball and lacrosse) at Clarkson University but was never an elite player; my talent level is more of the spectator variety. I do enjoy watching almost all sports and can usually converse about most of them without sounding like a complete idiot. I don’t watch much soccer, though, sorry. It’s like watching grass grow.

Any questions, comments, or concerns? Let me know at