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What we KNOW so far

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Aug 26, 2011
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We have had a pretty decent sample size for games thus far, and I thought I would compile a summary of this team...

By the way I will now refer to Boatright as ShowBoat rather than BoatShow. Makes a lot more sense to me. anyone agree? has this been nominated on the board yet?

What we KNOW:

Guards(Bazz, ShowBoat, Lamb)
1. We have 3 guards who can make contested shots, and are battle-tested. Bazz, Lamb, and ShowBoat can absolutely hit open shots, or create for themselves off the dribble.
2. We have 2 guards who can make plays for others off the bounce. Most teams would die for one. Bazz and ShowBoat can break down the D off ISO or off a pick, get into the heart of the paint, and dish the rock. Lamb isn't there yet in my opinion.
3. If we NEED a bucket, we have a CLEAR Go-To option. Lamb running off baseline screens a la Rip is nearly unstoppable. He's either getting a wide open shot, or will pump and get to the rim. We saw this in the NCAA tourney last year multiple times, most significantly vs. SDSU when we were fading and Kemba was tired. This will be a huge benefit in close, late game situations for Calhoun.
4. We will get 3-5 breakaway buckets a game based on on-ball perstering(Bazz/ShowBoat) or off-ball stalking(Lamb). These guys are crafty and know when to take a chance.
5. We are one injury/foul trouble from big-time problems. There is no second wave once ShowBoat is deployed. We need some good luck here

Wings:('Scoe, Daniels, Giffey)
1. This is our biggest area of potential improvement because frankly the play has not always been terrific/consistent.
2. Scoe has got to turn into a guy who knows his role. Defensive Coordinator, glue guy, spot up shooter/Garbage man. He needs to be James Posey. He should under no circumstances put the ball on the deck.
3. Deandre Daniels is so freaking talented, yet he doesn't have the savvy or gumption to wrestle the job full-time or be a differencemaker... yet.
4. If we get C+ consistently from this position(solid D/hit the boards, hit some open shots, contribute a couple Offensive putbacks) our team benefits much more than the statistical contributions. Whoever can provide that element should really grab major minutes.
5. Some people on this board love Giffey way too much, and its uncomfortable. He is ok, but often looks discombobulated/nervous. If we leave out his statistical contributions right now, what we need from this position more than anything else is stability and poise. He aint got it.
6. We will run into a 6'7 guy who can ball, and Roscoe will be called upon to lock him up. LONG LIVE THE 'SCOE!

Bigs(AO, AD, Olander)
1. First and Foremost, AD is a different player without the mask. The moster has been unleashed now that he can, you know, see. He is just an overwhelming athletic force sometimes, and is really beginining to show signs as a defensive stopper without the fouling we saw early in the year, which I somewhat write off to the mask issue. He has looked composed, and is showing an arsenal near the basket. If he can continue to grow offensively, OMG what a beast.
2. We need a consisten low-post threat. I thought it would be AO, but I just don't see it. His moves are fairly robotic, and at this point I just don't think it will materialize. Olander is a solid spot up shooter which is great, but he is all finesse around the tin. He gets really pushed around under the hoop. I think we will see JC start going to AD early in games a la OK4 to get him rolling. That spin to the baseline is fast becoming a go-to move, and he showed some nice mid-range stuff today. I could do without the baseline fade-aways, but JC never pulls him when he shoots those which makes me believe he's shown that ability in practice. He even hit one today.
3. Its another Block Party: Teams just cannot consistently pound us down low. Even with his struggles, AO is a rock on the block. AD is becoming a huge force, and even Olander is very good at forcing guys off their spot and creating missed shots. With Bradley and Wolf(10 fouls) if nothing else as warm bodies off the bench, i do not see that changing anytime soon.
4. These guys play Volleyball: I believe I read that both AO and AD are in the top 50 nationally for OREB % when they are on the floor. And i think TO is actually our most effective Offensive rebounder, he back-taps a lot of misses. We will be able to generate second chances regardless of who we play, which is a huge win.
5. This group will go as far as its confidence takes them. If AO can get his head on strait and be a leader, and AD can continue to grow and believe in his talent, and Olander keeps his head up and keeps hitting J's and playing Defense, we will be on par with any Frontcourt across the country by March. If there are setbacks or Drummond levels out, someone like Sullinger could really hurt us down the road.

So those are my thoughts...

what's the board say?


Probably returning some video tapes...
Aug 25, 2011
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One point that stands out to me here is that even though the wings have underperformed, Scoe can probably lock down any SF that we run into so we will virtually never have to worry about the wings being a net negative. If anything, they will be a wash.
Sep 6, 2011
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Drummond is 5th and Oriakhi is 27th in Oreb%, not including yesterday's games.
Aug 27, 2011
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yeah definitely the boatshow... love it! let me just say that although AD looked great today and im glad to see AO hopefully start to come around i was really really impressed with the boatshow. that crossover baseline reverse was an nba move absolutely sick!!! then he made some BIG TIME passes that were just really impressive. the kid can score with anybody in the country but all the other things he seems to do so well and instinctually is really impressive. this kid might not be around too long because he`s only going to get better and stronger and he is going to be something else.


Aug 27, 2011
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2 things - It's BoatShow, not ShowBoat. Ridiculous to suggest such a pompous name.

I don't know how you can say that when you consider Giffey, you must overlook his statistical contribution. If they guy is giving great results in limited minutes, acknowledge that. Great extra weapon to have. In a similar fashion, we won't be great until Olander is the third best big. That doesn't mean I want him to regress or that what he brings isn't so much better than a year ago, it's just that there are two kids who have much more potential. Think about Giffey in the same way. If you can get to your third wing and he can still produce better than several Big East starters at the three, that's just a huge plus.

Everything else is pretty much dead on and a nice summary of where we're at.
Aug 28, 2011
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I concur with the board. It is "BoatShow".

Great effort with your post. I will read it closer later. Have a good 1.

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