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Top 10 UConn moments

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Aug 27, 2011
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Not necessarily the best game or the best performance but moments in time.

10. Drummond's tweet - "Can you say repeat?"

9. Rod Sellers dribbling Christian Laettner's head off the court.

8. Battle in Seattle- AJ Price hits offbalance 3 with 9 seconds left to send game into overtime against the Zags. A game they win in overtime.

7. UConn comeback against dook in National Semifinal Game. UConn trails by nine with 3 and a half minutes left. The Huskies score 12 consecutive points to seal the victory. This was especially satisfying considering that Okafor sat out the last 15 minutes of the first half after picking up his second foul. I remember cursing Jimmy out for keeping him on the bench while dook built it's lead.

6. Rip Hamilton's putback as he fell backwards as time expired to beat Washington by one in the regional final. The last 10 seconds were probably the most excruciatingly exciting span of basketball that I can remember.

5. Gary McGhee's ankles broken - nuff said.

4. Ray Allen's sprawling shot over Allen Iverson to win Big East Championship. Ray couldn't buy a shot in the second half and when the ball left his hand there was no way I thought it would climb in the hoop.

3. Khalid taking serious abuse from the Oakland Zoo all game long. UConn trailed by four with 10 seconds left when Albert Mouring hit a three to cut it to one. A turnover and El-Amin scores on a layup with two seconds left to take final and only Husky lead of the day. Khalid jumps on the scoring table and holds up his UC0nn Jersey for the Zoo to read. Khalid greeted by a shower of plastic bottles. Pittscum are the most classless of all BEast fans.

2. Trajon Langdon travelling and falling down while attempting to tie the game that gave us the first answer to our collective Huskynation prayers.

1. The Shot. We had a keg of beer and about 15 people over to watch the game. As our big lead dwindled in the second half, you could just sense the air leaking out of the Husky balloon. I remember saying to one of the 5 remaining friends, "I can't believe we are going to lose like this." One of my friends says, "Hey we still have a chance." To which another friend replies as sarcastically as possible, " yeah right." Burrell passes, Tate catches, turns and shoots, and all five of us jump up into the middle of the room in a mass jumping group hug, beer flying, guys screaming, until we all end up falling on the floor, laughing our asses off.
Aug 26, 2011
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Huskies win ECAC title led by Whelton, Carr...........

Huskies beat #1 GTown and #3 Cuse in one week (89-90).............

Huskies win NIT Title led by Cliff Robinson...........

Huskies beat Gonzaga for first FF birth.............

Fortunately there are now many moments to remember as a Husky fan!!!
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