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Aug 15, 2011
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(We'll be adding to this FAQ as questions arise)
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Tips, Tricks and FAQs

Conversations, the New PM

The conversation feature on this site has a few enhancements over the Scout PM. Like the Scout PM system, you can click on a person’s handle and select to begin a conversation. You can also start a conversation by clicking on your inbox, located in the dark bar upper right hand of the page.

One new feature is that a conversation can be initiated between two people as before, but a conversation can also be initiated between many posters at once just by typing their handle in the “Participants” box separated by a comma. From that initial list, the conversation can even be expanded to others at any time in the conversation by Clicking on “Invite More” below the “Conversation Participants” box to the right of the conversation text area. You can control this feature when you initiate a conversation by clicking the “Allow anyone in the conversation to invite others” box below the conversation text box. As the conversation initiator, you can also lock the conversation.

You are alerted that you have a new conversation or that a conversation you are already in has been updated via a little red flag just over your inbox. The flag is cleared when you open the conversation to read it.

Note that you can choose to receive an e-mail when a new conversation to you is begun or an ongoing conversation you are in has an update. Find this check box in you Profile area under “Contact Details”.


The site has an alert system that is controlled via the “Alert Preferences” in your profile area. (Access your profile choices by clicking on your handle in the black bar at the top right of the page, just above the search box). An alert is indicated by a red flag just above the “Alerts” in the black bar at the top right of the page.

Search Feature

This site has a robust search feature. It is accessed via the search box at the upper right of the page just above your own I.D.

When you click on the search box you are presented with some options and even a selection for advanced search options. The advanced search options allows you to fine tune the search domain.

Editing Your Profile/Signatures/Avatars

In the upper right hand corner of the screen you will see your handle. There is also an arrow indicating a pull down menu. Click on the arrow and a variety of options will present themselves. They are:
* Your Profile Page
* Personal Details.......... * Your News Feed
* Contact Details............ * Your Alerts
* Preferences................ * Watched Threads
* Alert Preferences....... * Likes You've Received
* Privacy........................ * Your Content
* Signature.................... * People You Follow
* Avatar

* Show online status
* Log Out

Some of these are self-explanatory, feel free to check them out and update, if desired. Please be aware that some signature graphics may become HUGE and you may need to find alternate images.

Some options that may not be familiar to you:

Alert Preferences and Your Alerts – When you click on Alert Preferences, you are given a list of options. You can “watch” a thread and ask to be notified when someone posts in that thread or posts an image in a watched thread. You can also asked to be notified when someone quotes one of your posts or “likes” one of your posts. When one of those four things happen, you will see a red flag by Alerts at the top right of the page or you can check Your Alerts.

Watched Threads – As you read a thread you will notice an option at the top right that says, surprisingly enough, Watch Thread (duh). After you’ve clicked on that, you will be notified in the Alerts (red flag that will show at the top right of your screen) that someone has posted in that thread.

People You Follow – If you click on another poster’s handle, you will see the option to Follow. Then you will be notified when that person posts. You can also follow posters in the People You Follow option by typing their name into the dialog box.
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