Time to let Jamal Adams go.

Aug 24, 2011
For the last year, all he's done is piss and moan about his long term deal. We get it. You were clearly the best player on a crappy team. You are a good clubhouse leader. You deserve a fair contract, maybe even a little more.

Enough is enough though. All the mine, mine, mine talk has turned my opinion on him from future HOFer and an all-time great Jet.....to Darrell Revis v2.0. Always whining about money.

The Jets drafted 6 players that were captains of their college teams. They put Frank Gore in the locker room as a solid veteran presence. Kudos to Joe Douglass for being patient and building a good locker room....and not trying to instantly make a good locker room with a payday to a loudmouth.

Take two first round picks, maybe a really good player with an expiring fat contract and move on.