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Apr 7, 2016
We had guts, fight, emotion, alot of energy and Paige. The biggest difference last nite was when it got tight, when it looked like we were heading for trouble somebody stepped up and made a play. The biggest difference, we had the better guard play. Our guards made plays and SC didnt. Then as the clock ran down and time was short Super Women took over and thats all she wrote. She is simply amazin. You know its Paige Time when the game is on the line. She does the improbable when the game is on the line.

Some of the posts Ive read bring up the juniors. Well I have a few thoughts on that. Evina needs to get healthy and at this point needs to rest and if that means sit out a couple of games so be it. Can you imagine if Evina and Anna were healthy what might've happened to SC???? Just a thought. We should be able to win the next couple of games without Evina playing. Its more important now to get her healthy for the tournament. As far as our juniors not playing up to our expectations. My feeling is they are what they are and we need to accept that...for now. Im sure they will work hard to improve but until they do be patient and accept them for who they are. I will say this. Liv is not afraid to shoot from the outside and when her shots start fallin....well hey we are going to be alot better. Speaking of better we are getting alot better each and every game and we have so much more to improve on that wont take long, like setting screens. Thats fixable and will be quickly fixed by the coaches. Again imagine what might have been without all those illegal/moving screens.

Alot of freshman have gotten playtime and for good reason. They are making the ball move and their moving themselves just not standing around and watching. They do that because they dont know any better because Geno taught them what to do and theyre doin it without a second thought. Its called execution. They have earned their place on this team. They are makng this team go. While Evina is rested we will see alot more from the other players that are not in the top 7 yet. There is a reason Saylor has been getting time and I think she will be getting more playtime over the next few games. When she catches on at 6'2 with a quick release, well Im hoping she does and can see some minutes in big time games comin up.

There were alot of "IFs" in last nites game as mentioned in other threads. The biggest was Bostons 4th foul being giving to another player. They Boston not being called for charges. Keeping her in the game kept SC in the game. It reminded me of Dungee not being called for pushing off in the Ark game. Not calling that foul kept Boston in the game a little longer then when Boston was sent to the bench with 4 fouls the parade of illegal screens etc allowed SC back in the game. It those are not called UConn couldve won in a blowout. Those illegal screens will be addressed at practice.

So moving forward we are what we are. Your not gonna change your players so you can only accept them for who they are and hope they improve. If they dont improve then... If you cant change your players, then you have to change your players. We proved last nite that we are the best team in the country. We are now 4-1 again top 25 teams and in our only loss we shot over 50% and were in foul trouble. We've come along way over the past few weeks and we're still gettin better every game. Moving forward the coaches will address getting Paige some help and Im looking for some other players to step up and give Paige some help from the outside. For all the great shooters we've seen this season and for all the great scorers weve seen there is not one player who can fill up the stat sheet like Paige can. I guess you can say this is a new Paige in UConns illustrious history.
Excellent assessment. I was not aware; is Evina injured or ill? You mention, " she needs to get healthy." I didn't hear the announcers say anything about her. But she looked way " off." ..even though coach had her in the game at the end ( overtime, etc). As for the rest; I really wonder how many games we would win if we did not have Paige? It does get a bit scary when you know she is the only person who can score.

I thought Olivia played quite well with the exception her outside shooting. Carolina " gave her" that outside shot ( and gave it to Edwards, as well ). They know she ( they ) won't make them and then she (they) won't take them. We have seen that Liv can make those shots, but she sure couldn't against SC. And letting her run free on the outside, allows SC to jam up the middle, and make penetration impossible. Aubrey has the same reputation. She can't shoot at all. Aubrey needs to either pass, set screens or drive to the basket. She is a force on defense and on the glass.

With Williams throwing up air balls, she also has faded as an outside threat as well. And she made too
many " freshman " mistakes to play so many minutes ( poor decisions, ball handling, passes, moving violations).

I think our best hope ( in addition to Paige ) is Muhl. She can hit the three.. Just needs to show more consistency doing it. Hard to read Anna, because she hasn't been " right" all year. She hit threes last year at a dangerous
clip ( to the opponent ), but was hot and cold in her few appearances this season. And she will have trouble earning minutes if/when she is healthy.

I don't believe Saylor has any shot at being in a game at a meaningful moment this season. So we'll look for her next year. Autumn can hit threes. How about Pliath?


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Oct 5, 2015
What you're saying makes sense but look at Morgan Tuck.........I think she had worse knee issues yet turned pro despite that........
Tuck had a much more successful career than Westbrook has had.

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Jan 11, 2017
I'm not concerned and here's why. The best players will play. Sure Christyn and Olivia will be seniors, but Aaliyah was in the game at crunch time as was Nika. CW and ONO were nowhere to be seen.

If Evina does not leave, and CW and ONO continue to NOT earn coaches trust, it would not surprise me to see Geno shuffle up the starting lineup.

I was one of the people who said all summer "NO WAY WILL ANNA BE TAKEN OUT OF THE STARTING LINEUP ON DAY 1". I was right but... she quickly was replaced due to an injury. Even before she was replaced, her play was on the decline and Geno did what was best for the team.

CW and ONO are fine in games where nothing is on the line. While ONO was decent last night, CW was less than. I will be fascinated to see how/if they respond, and what happens going forward. I have ZERO concern we won't have a great starting 5, and incredible bench next season. But the actual make-up of the core group really remains to be seen!
I have to disagree with you on one point. You stated that ONO and CW were nowhere to be seen at crunch time. But with 1:48 left in OT a time out was called. Nika and Griffin had played up until then, but with SC up by three Geno subbed them out. ONO and CW came in and Paige saved the day and we won. IIRC Ono passed to Paige for the miracle trey that sealed the deal. The five on the court at the final buzzer were PB, EW, AE, CW and ONO. ONO actually got the final rebound and held the ball to put it to rest.
Aug 26, 2011
Paige said the entire team was setting up screen after screen for her. The way she is playing and Nika is progressing, by the end of the year they might be one of the best freshman guard tandems ever, And what a trio they and Fudd will make for three years. Imagine what they will be like as seniors and a junior.
Feb 7, 2021
A) Appreciate the James Taylor reference by the OP.
B) Glad someone else got the Don Nelson parallel, which I posted in another thread.
Jan 17, 2021
I agree in part, but I actually think she should move a step in the other direction - closer, that is. Boston was generally way off of her, in the middle of the paint, Olivia could have moved in one more step and taken a fifteen footer. She has a high release on that shot (unfortunately not so high around the hoop) and it won`t get blocked. But I agree, the worst shot in basketball is with your foot on the three point line and she does that a lot.

Paige`s three pointer is already legendary, but it was really Liv`s shot, it was open for a moment. She gave it up to Paige in an awkward spot with the shot clock almost expired. Paige then did the practically impossible. Unless, of course, Geno had told everyone that Paige was going to take the shot no matter what, which is possible.

If you followed the 1969 Celtics, you know what I mean when I say that Paige got the Don Nelson bounce!

UConn is using the high pick and roll more now than I can ever recall, but they only have one player comfortable with pulling up with the 15-16 footer if the post defender doesn`t come out. Any guesses who that might be? If I were Geno I would get Nika, Evina and Christyn (and Anna, when she is ready) comfortable with taking that shot. The three point shot has made those kinds of shots kind of an afterthought but it was Paige`s midrange game that won it for us last night.
ONO shouldn't take that shot until she can make it at least 50% of the time. It also has to be a 3 pointer. She can't get closer, because although she is 6"5, it can be blocked from the backside. The shot isn't a real jump shot, in fact it must take her about a second and a half just to get it off. There is a reason that nobody guards her. The main purpose of having a center at the high post is to draw the other teams big outside to open the lane for our cutters and drivers. Right now having her out there does nothing for us except making it easier for them to rebound.

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Apr 16, 2017
Paige the Pied Piper will lead UConn for the next 3-4 years. She just has that "it" factor and her teammates will do everything in their power to hang with her. So far the freshman and sophomores are content and competent in their roles. Not so sure about the Jr's just yet
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Feb 14, 2017
I think we all just need to accept that the juniors are who they are and that they are going to be supporting cast the rest of their UConn careers. It is what it is. If they can play that role to the best of their ability, we will be fine. Liv was better than last year and we need to acknowledge that. I think her transformation to the high post is where she ultimately needs to be and let Aaliyah and Aubrey work down low. That's fine and I have to think the jump shots will start falling for her as she gets into the role. The assists are already happening.

The youth of the team is our future so let's embrace it.. Paige, Nika, and Aaliyah are where the fire and ice is on this team. Azzi is another player who can have the Paige, Maya, DT type impact along with her club coming in next year. This is the reality and its going to be great!
Don't forget 6'5" Amari DeBerry will be present next season. If she plays 75% as well as Aaliyah, we may have a real inside game.

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