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    Hi Tony, I would like two tickets for the Regionals. Please advise next step. Thanks. Ted Naughton
    Hi Tony,
    I inquired about getting 6 tickets to DePaul game.Phil Sampieri - how much are the tickets and how do I pay ? thanks
    Tony, I am interested in tickets for the Temple game if still available. Phone 860-345-8936
    Tony, wife and I would like to sit with the boneyarders in Bridgeport . . Phone 203 389-0770.
    You're doing a good thing.
    Tony my wife and I would love to join you in bridgeport. how do I procure these tickets?
    Hey Tony
    Going to the Garden for Maggie Dixon?? Want to join Heidi & I wit dinner after? We like an Italian place in the West Village if you want to join us...
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