Some thoughts on yesterdays game


Optimus Prime
Aug 26, 2011
Really liked seeing our girls getting their feet set first before shooting the ball. We looked confident right down the bench and our r 62% from 3 is evidence of it. Scoring over 100 pts for the second game in a row. To many good things happening now. Are we peeking at the right time? We will find out tomorrow. Tomorrow nite is a good test to see us continue our very hot streak. Are we back? We have the momentum right now and the way were shooting the ball and the way our offense is running we will be tuff to beat . With that said our defense needs to get better.

Im liking the way our non starters are playing too. Molly is shooting the ball better. ONO has moves and I think she will be an asset come tournament time. Our Big 3 are playing really big right now. I know some are thinking about CW. Dont worry about her, shes too good to continue not playing up to her potential. With the momentum and confidence were playing at right now...well its contagious and she will catch and take off. We need to be patient. Im looking for a huge win tomorrow nite.