Regarding the Louisville game last nite


Optimus Prime
Aug 26, 2011
Kia did a great job defending Durr without getting into foul trouble. She also played alot of point guard which is another tuff assignment and she did a terrific job at that. It took alot out of her and imo thats why she didnt score alot.

UConn made only 8 TOs and managed to stay out of foul trouble. Another observation was CD who has sat out quit a bit due to her injury did not look 100%. With those 2 key players not having good scoring nites UConn was up 18-2o pts for most of the first 3 qtrs. Not bad against the number 3 team in the country. The defense in the first half was great. In the first qtr it was devastating. Perhaps fatigue set in both physically and mentally in 4th qtr when the game was pretty much decided.

Reading the posts and threads I kinda feel pretty good about the game. UConn wasnt firing on all cylinders and still managed to win without any worries. We have another big game against USF home on Feb 26 and then the AAC tourney and they 2 games of the NCAAs at Gampel. We have plenty of time to get healthy and work on team chemistry.

I would think that Geno will be working very hard on the "Z" factor and the Megatron factor and have them ready for the post season . IMO I think both are thinking to much and trying not to make mistakes. We know what both can do. We've seen glimpses of what they can do. Perhaps just playing under the pressure of a big game will bring that out. It did against ND and UCLA. Im hoping the post season will be the kinda high pressure games that big it out.
Mar 6, 2012
TonyC, you hit it right on the head, the "Z" and the Megatron factors.
- Z needs to to think she owns the paint.
- Megatron needs to show some flashes to the hoop and demand for the ball. She's a star of basketball.


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May 8, 2016
Actually another important stat is 40, the number of minutes Lou and Gabby each played. Good, in that despite their aches and pains they can do that and play amazingly well. Bad, in that we only had six players play significant minutes.

The regular season gauntlet is all but over and UConn has passed every test. Not A+ every time but IMHO these tests are pass fail. Next challenge will not come until probably March 24 or 26, so lots of time to get healthier and to work on what needs to be worked on. As far as depth goes, in a close game I'm willing to settle for 7 making meaningful contributions.

One of those things to work on is passing to Lou when she has her defender locked down on the block. Other than Gabby no one is making that pass. Z what are you looking at? She's open! And she can make that shot!