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one small step (win) leads to a giant leap

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Sep 5, 2011
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Throughout this year, it seemed a lot of "fans" may be "quitting" on the program.

The good news is neither the team or the coaches are made up of "quitters" . With the horrendous history the past few years, and the very disappointing start this year, the team didn't cash it in. That says a lot about the coaches, the players, and the often misunderstood "culture change".

The fans were impatient, but not the coaches or players.........I give them a "B"........nobody is perfect.

I left the game as many fans........soaked to the bone.........but with a very renewed positive faith in the coaches, players, and football program.

And here is another positive to digest. Four of my companions "quit" on the season so I had four tickets to offer for the game. A family (from N. Carolina) was coming up for home coming and needed three tickets. After a friendly discussion they suggested it might be hard to part with a single although they only needed 3, they took 4 at full price for "preferred seating".........and they also got soaked.

The team and coaches, despite tough adversity, took two small steps........ECU & UCF. With all the negatives they faced, they are about (in my opinion) to take a big leap for the program. Looking through a cloudy crystal can I not expect the future to be bright. All because the coaches and players believed in each other and the program. They are not quitters ! For that I grade their character as an "A+".

Saturday's game could not have been any better for me to end this years participation as a fan. Unfortunately, I will be laid up 3-4 weeks after a major procedure next Wednesday...... and will not see any more games.

As a "fan" to a "fan" I ask that you learn from my mistake and impress on your loved ones that beeches and sun worship is a "devil in disguise" catches up on you in later years.

Be good ! Happy holidays! And pray that UCFB can find fans that take a giant leap like the NC far to support the matter what.......... And that will be another giant leap for the program!
Nov 30, 2013
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This team showed flashes of what it could do offensively until last week. I think the game against ECU was the best complete game UConn played since Boise at the beginning of the season. Now that Whitmer/Davie has time to go throw their progressions/reads they have been able to the move the ball pretty well. I say once the run blocking gets caught up to the pass protection, there's no team in this conference we won't be able to beat.
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