Nice little DT writeup with a little more backstory than usual


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Nov 28, 2016
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I found Dawn's assessment of Diana as she is now very interesting and unique

Dawn Staley played on the 2004 Olympic team, Taurasi's first, and now is the U.S. head coach. She also was an assistant coach on the 2008 and 2016 teams.

"Watching her first Olympics and watching her now, she's in constant movement," Staley said. "She doesn't stand still even during a breakage in play. Here's the thing. She can go 0-for-8 to start a game, all good shots, and end up hitting the shots that gives us the lead time and time again. Her timing is impeccable.

"She beats you up physically and mentally. That's what has created her edge. You blow by her, she gives you a little nudge. All of her fouls are useful, preventing you from scoring and letting you know don't do that. Physically she's lost some because she's 39, but mentally more than makes up for it. She's a killer."

Diana Taurasi: Soccer's loss became historic gain for basketball (


Aug 24, 2011
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I love reading comments about her by others she has come into contact with. They always talk about her work ethic, drive for perfection, desire to be great, and ability to make everyone else around her better since she is such a great leader by example.

We were so blessed to watch her for 4 years at UCONN, to follow her incredible pro career, and get ready for the next chapter in her life when she's ready to move on to her next adventure! I suspect she will follow in Renee's footsteps and become an owner of a WNBA team...
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