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MKG, Indiana, TJ, MISC 2012, Mayans

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Nov 7, 2011
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This is my head-still-hurts-a-bit random thread. I'd like you to add a random thought of your own. Don't be God-damned prude. I know you have a random thought or two. I want you to show me them. Both of them. And I want a pic. For my Facebook page. Which I don't have and will never have. High def.

MKG. Jesus H. 24 points and 19 boards? If he keeps putting up numbers like that, he's got a shot at the #1 pick in the draft. If I was KO or Blaney, I'd be sure to post that stat line close to Drummond's locker. I'd challenge him to get the 20/20 first. That's an elite club. Come on Andre - take your own chain off and let's scare people. Get angry. We need a foil. I hope he stays healthier than Dolly Parton's tits the rest of his life, but I'd love to see him take an elbow from some Pitt Scum and just become unhinged. Uncorked. Furious. He reminds me of me at 18, except I sucked at basketball. And I'm white and 6/1. Other than that. Jeez. What a nice kid. I became a mean bastard. He can too. At least on the court. Find it.

Indiana - Damn good for college basketball that they've pushed up open their coffin and dug their way up to daylight. Well done. Would love to get a UConn/Indiana game in that's meaningful in the next few years.

TJ - what happened to you brother? You got dem MKG blues? Passing up on a lottery pick slot to play second fiddle to a phenom who shades you? Ouch. Gotta be playing head games with him. Perhaps we can get him and and AO in with Dr. Phil for some counseling. We'll put the letters together. We'll call it TAJO counseling.

Adrien. [Napolean Dynamite voice] Yeeeees. [/Napolean Dynamite voice]

December 21, 2012 is when the Mayan long count ends. Damn. I'm not into any paranormal stuff, but I hate that. That's right in the middle of basketball season.

JC - are you resting? Or bouncing off the walls.

My resolutions - spend more time with the kids. Drink less. Eat less. Watch less porn. Have more ---- with my wife (related to last one). Become more organized. Start a fight with another man and lose.


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Aug 24, 2011
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If we survived the John Cusak movie, we can survive whatever 2012 brings us. It can't be worse.

I would also put more stock in the Mayans if we could find an actual Mayan. Their calendar seems to have outlasted them by quite a while. (Last entry - "Met some Spanish people today - seemed nice. Think this is really going to work out well for us. BFFs?!")

Coincidentally, my only resolution is to 'have more ----' with your wife, too.
Aug 27, 2011
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Kensucky player.

My head hurts as well but I will give it a try.

Uk this Uk that- I am sick of that team already. I am grateful that there is not a single NBA player between Quse (maybe Melo) and Lville or I would be sick of them as well.

I think the 5 Mayans missed by the Spanish were killed off by the drug cartels.

2112 is going to be a good year- if only in comparison to 2011. I am happy to be above ground- always am- but I could have done without most of 2011. My new mantra is "duckk fear in the New Year". Just thought I would share that.

Remember: Pitt is scum. We are DOOMED! PE-TOOWEY on anything dook or Gtown. Winning.


Probably returning some video tapes...
Aug 25, 2011
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2112 is going to be a good year

Only if you don't like music and wish to be controlled by dictators in the Solar Federation.
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