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Just got back from the game

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Aug 26, 2011
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WOW WOW WOW Amazin. The team is coming together. Cferr got tickets and called me. Cferrs comments as Eric called us. Who thought UConn would be 8-0 at this point in the season. Guess who?

This is suppose to be UConns rebuilding year after Maya graduated. UConn keeps on rolling. I hope many of you who doubt or have fears understand UConn is going to war with Baylor. My thoughts is keep Griner outside and if she gets the ball down low dont foul her. She cant beat us alone so suffacate Simms and play good D on everybody else and press them to wear them down. We do that and shoot the ball respectfully we win by double digets.

Did anybody honestly think we would beat TAM by 30? Some posters said it could be a blowout. I think Doggy was one of them. This team may not have names like Tina Kalana Maya and Renee but they are a team and a young team and they showed tonight they can devastate a really good team.

Hey UConn is for real this season and this is theyre rebuilding season . With the next two classes expecting to come to UConn it may be a very long wait for a loss. JMO LOL Its going to be interesting to see how many NCs in a row UConn can win because when you add next years class and the class after its going to be very hard to lose a game. Now that may sound cocky or some of you may think Im nuts and thats ok but really if you look at the roster how many games to you think our non starters could lose???????????????? JMO folks

Just hit the edit button. BTW did you notice when we got a lead over 15pts how Geno pulled Stef and some of the starters. IMO it was so they wouldnt be in foul trouble in the second half. It worked. TAM had a couple of players in foul trouble which to me means they couldnt play defense and UConn wasnt . Smart move by Geno.


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Nov 10, 2011
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Tamu is not that good. i figured after the purdue los this would be a blow out... they lack an offense... like Tamu of old days.

last year they had instant offense with Adams and colon's leadership (starter for 4 yrs)
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