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It's a habit



Optimus Prime
Aug 26, 2011
Here's the bottom line Azzi knows what she wants to do and shes gonna do it. The advantage for her to play at UConn is she will be surrounded by players who will have to be played one on one so She will have to be played one on one. She will also have players who can pass, set her up, and get her the ball one of which is her good friend. She will be playing in FF's and NC's because that what UConn does. Every other school that doesnt happen every year. At UConn its a habit.

There are good habits and not so good habits. Its a choice kids make. What you want is your choice. Playing for Geno you can have it all, if thats what you choose. If you choose not thats your choice. Winning is a habit unfortunatly so is loosing.