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I'm Nervous About Tonight

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Aug 24, 2011
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I decided that taking the week off from posting was good for my mental health after watching the Vandy game last week.

Tonight, I'm nervous. Not afraid, scared or panicking, but nervous. Why? I still don't have any idea what to expect offensively. What I really would like to see develop over the next three games is an offensive identity and a clear starter at QB.

Using Don Rumsfeld-speak, the defense is stable and pretty much filled with known knowns. We know what we are getting out of the defense. The offense is still full of unknown unknowns and those are the worst.

The coaches haven't sorted out the QB rankings and that does bother me. They were all on campus and healthy for spring ball, fall practice and three weeks of in-season practice. I actually liked the idea of playing all three the first two games since none of them had any game experience and I still believe that all three will end up starting at least one game this year. However, if they are still essentially equal, piss or get off the pot and make a choice. It's like waffling over Ruby Tuesday, TGIF and Applebee's. Sure there's pros, cons and preferences for each, but at the end of the day, there isn't any appreciable difference. Make a choice and follow through on it.

Partially due to DJ Shoemate's health, we haven't identified a second RB who will get more than 5 carries a game. Again this bothers me. McCombs isn't built for 20 carries a game against BCS opponents. Make a decision and develop that second back. Relying soley on McCombs isn't helping him and isn't helping develop depth.

Going hand in hand with the QB's is the WR's. We haven't figured out how to get the ball to Kashif yet. He is a playmaker and we have to find a way to get the ball in his hands. I do like how Ryan Griffin has been made integral to the game, Isiah Moore has gotten some touches and Geremy Davis really intrigues me.

Final part of the offense is the line. We've done some shuffling on the OL- looks like it's been to find a way to Jimmy Bennett more snaps which doesn't bother me, but I want the line locked down barring injuries.

It's only been two games and we're 1-1. We lost by two points on the road that including a Rutgers-esque fourth quarter meltdown and one of our more inept offensive performances, so I'm not bridge jumping yet.

I agree with the posters who hang Vandy on the staff. I think they got too cute and tried too much. We've seen many reports about the complexity of the offensive playbook and how much info the coaches are giving the players to learn. That's nice, but I prefer fewer plays that can be executed at a higher level than a boatload of plays that the players only practice a few times.

This is the first game I get to watch on the big TV in HD and I'm looking forward to seeing how the team looks.

It was a great week at work and last night was the best night of my life in the Navy in 18+ years of service.

Uconn football, cold beer and warm nacho snacks is the perfect end to the week.

Cheers and bottoms up.


Aug 24, 2011
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you have every reason to be nervous. 4 interceptions and 3 points off of them? they really seem to be struggling...
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