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I'll see you all in April.

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Sep 28, 2011
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This says it all to me. You and babysheep did squat in the game and you come to the board describing players as if they are some video game not responding to your controllers. A lot of posters criticize players or games or plays. People will argue their differences and criticism is fairly well tolerated. But why should anyone tolerate posters with attitude problems. And there seems to be a consensus regarding attitude problems with you and babysheep and tampabill.

It is not coincidental that people who condemn players struggle with being condemned. It is not coincidental that people who point out flaws in players attitudes have obvious attitude problems themselves and are blind to it.

It isn't the criticism or the flaws of the team or the potential "failure" regarding this team that most of us are insisting be excluded from this forum. What we are marginalizing are posters who think criticism is about knocking the team or players as opposed to offering suggestion about their weaknesses or strengths. What we are marginalizing is the poster who struggles with the reality of the game, that it is composed of humans with strengths and flaws, as opposed to video games that we can reset if the outcome doesn't go our way. And what we are trying to encourage is how to handle adversity in life with the same dignity we handle success.

In the same manner we would love to see Alex go up stronger with his shots, we are encouraging posters to learn the difference between constructive criticism and vitriol. In the same way we do not want to see one of the UConn players lose control and sucker punch an opposing player, we expect the posters on this board to have the decency to respect the players even when they struggle. It has nothing to do with our being overly sensitive. These are civilized behaviors and without them, we have chaos.
I think I love you.
Aug 27, 2011
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The OP is correct! People here are beyond blind! You have to expect a lot more of a team with no seniors, a junior, several sophmores, and a bunch of freshmen! Hell, some of these guys have been playing big-time college ball for TWO ENTIRE MONTHS!!! They are all losers, the Coach is lost, and the fans are delusional....now pass the blunt.
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