Hurley mentions Possible Starting Lineup Change

Aug 27, 2011
14 and 8 looks a whole lot like 14.6 and 8.1 to me, and is certainly far more accurate than your prediction that Vital will be first team all conference. If he makes third team all conference most of us would be thrilled.


We are UConn!! 4>>>1
Aug 24, 2011
He shot a combined 7 for 33 in those 2 losses. I would say his poor shooting/ shot selection played a pretty big role in those losses. 21% shooting while taking lots of shots is factual, not some "emotional BS" . Do you even consider facts before you post?

Both CV and AG have played much better recently, but they played a big part in those two losses shooting a combined 14 for 65. Better shot selection is crucial to becoming a better team and both guys seemed to have gotten the message.
The problem with this analysis is it does not review the situation in the losses or the game plan the coaches drew up for the team. It's a fans perspective, albeit accurate in it's limitations.

For instance in both those games Josh was double and triple teamed and struggled with decisions. They tried feeding him the ball with resulting turnovers.

I believe Brendan shot poorly in the St. Joes game initially. This forum was laughing at my statement that Brendan was going to be a signifiant contributor. It took the Buffalo game to understand that. Would people have felt comfortable that he took the shots in that St. Joes game before the start of the game. No way outside of me and @coachn.

First loss there was no Bouknight. Second loss he was in constant foul trouble. Whaley is decent as a backup but not a primary offensive force. Sidney is athletic but doesn't yet realize that touching the backboard with a ball gets no points unless it goes through the hoop. Over time I expect that to change but it wasn't going to happen in those losses. Akok is special but still needs time to develop in order to be a definite offensive force.

Tyler helps spread the floor. His shooting statistics force opposing teams to play him tight. But he's not going to initiate.

Jalen will be good. Mark my words. But he has a ways to go and certainly wasn't going to help in those losses.

Hurley in his press conference indicated the team practice has been primarily focused on defense. it didn't show in the St. Joes game but it has shown since. So naturally he has drawn up his offense to go with his more experienced players - Al, CV, Josh and Tyler.

So yes I could nail CV and Al because stats will back me up. But it's a simplistic review of things. Hurley's hand will be less and less forced as other players develop. So go ahead and write stuff that has a bias, one that makes Al and CV be something less than the coaches want which is selfish players. I just don't see it that way.