Hawaii Honeymoon Advice

Aug 26, 2011
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Good Morning Boneyard!

I'm getting married this October and recently cancelled mine and my Fiancée's Paris honeymoon plans. I'm now pivoting to booking a 2 week stay in Hawaii during the second half of October and am finding the task more daunting than first expected. Can any of you guys share any advice as to which island would be best suited for a romantic getaway? Any tips or lived experiences would be much appreciated as I scramble to get this organized. Thanks!
Ive been to all except Molokai. Definitely Kauai or Maui. Kauai has great hiking for different levels.. If I go again I would book the overnight camping permit to Kalalau Beach. 11 miles each direction. Phenomenal. Kauai also has my favorite beach I've ever been to and I've been to a ton of beaches. Secret Beach.. Find it..
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