Gilbert Unlikely for Memphis

Aug 26, 2011
This crushes any hope we had of winning this game. But some young guys will gain experience and Vital will against gain some PG playing time. Given what we have coming in next year, I like the idea of turning CV into a combo guard. I never would have imagined it, but his handle and passing are much improved. He’s better than Smith as a distributor.

Sid and B Adams will get plenty of time today.
We will see a lot of our future and theirs the remainder of the year. Not that 8-10 games will tell us all we need to know but it will give us a look into the expectations moving forward of Brendan, Tyler and Sid. Brendan needs to prove he can handle the ball, take care of it and make a shot or 2 while Sid needs to show he can eventually understand the fundamentals of defense as well as scoring the ball off the dribble. Tyler, well how about 5-6 rebounds and toughness. We may also see the walk on from upper NY who is buddies with Cam Reddish, maybe he will play so good I will remember his name! ;)